Evaluate2000 Ltd


Evaluate2000 offer quality supply chain solutions to UK companies by providing them with all of the benefits of sourcing quality low-cost goods from overseas, without the problems and risks of dealing directly with foreign manufacturers.

Electronic Component Distributer

Overseas links was established in 2000  with a Taiwan leading  Display company.

Evaluate company was formed providing Designs and costing to retail chains and Distributors as an overseas agent for Taiwan display company.

Please contact Paul Nelson for further information

Electronic Component Distributer

Offshore Manufacturing Services

Experienced in UK sheet metal work design and manufacture within the sub-contract market place with strong links with control panels enclosure’s, packaging machinery and electronic metalwork packaging for 25 years

Further career development with leading display and shop fitting experience as a specialist metalwork estimator & designer to two Top Northants retail & supply companies to leading retail chains Tesco, Bodyshop, O2 &  Arcadia .

Offshore Manufacturing Services

Metal Fabrication Displays

We can build and design bespoke Metal Fabrication displays. We will provide all production drawings from start to finish. We have a large Shanghai based manufacturer who can provide high quality, low quantity and fast track auto-turned parts such as cable display products.

Retail Estimating Suppliers

Estimating using Excel we can source metalwork from the UK and Far East/Poland. We can also source Wood, Veneers, work tops CNC router contractors and suppliers. We can also provide acrylic display, window display and LED Edge lighting.

Chrome finishing and polishing Shop fitters and design experience for Retailers.

CAD Drawings


Cost effective CAD drawing, drafting and Plotting.


Applications relevant to all types of Manufacturing.

Valve Manufacturer

Ev Valve OEM manufactured Service .

OEM made valves made to high standards for volume uses / distributors .

Motion control valves: 1CE30F35S5


Motion Control Valve

Savings minimum of 65 %

Distributor Price shipment £ 36 x 2500 Qty = £90000.00

OEM Price shipment £ 11.22 x 2500 Qty = £28050.00

Valve Manufacturer

Ev Valve OEM manufactured Service

OEM made to order to comply with BS 1123, BS 1953, BS 2591 PT.2

Established Valve maker with in house Brass Foundry.

CNC Machine centres .

Solid works / Autocad Design Office ,

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