Evaluation International


Evaluation International (EI) is a member-funded organisation which omissions independent third party evaluations of instruments for monitoring and process control and related safety systems.

Latest Publications.  The latest instrument evaluation report available to members only is E 1906 X 09 - Evaluation of the ABB 265 DS Pressure Transmitter.  The latest survey/guide, which may be purchased by non-members, is S 1905 X 09 on Monitors for Local Exhaust Ventilation.

Our members are mainly large scale users of instruments such as AWE, BAE Systems, BP, British Energy, HSE, Magnox Sites, Rolls-Royce, Urenco ChemPlants and Sellafield Ltd.  Members receive all the reports produced by EI and by its sister organisations in France and Holland - and also have online access to a searchable database of over 2,000 existing reports.   Together with our sister organisations, we have almost 100 European instrument user companies in membership.  Please visit www.evaluation-international.com to find out more about EI and to examine the report titles available. Note that non-members will not be able to download Evaluation Reports.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss membership!

EI members receive about 50 reports per year published by EI or its sister organisations WIB in the Netherlands and EXERA in France.

EI Evaluation Reports are available to members only but we also produce a wide range of Surveys and Selection Guides which can be purchased by non-members.  Please click here to view all the EI reports for sale.


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