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No job in the Outdoor Events Industry is ever the same - We believe our strength lies in the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE of the events industry and our ability to adapt to ever changing criteria. We have the ability to cope at short notice and respond to the changing needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves on UNDERSTANDING the COMPLICATIONS and UNIQUE NATURE of the BUSINESS. With Nationwide depots we are able to access a network of equipment to supply products to your event, wherever you are, when ever it is, at short notice. Whilst Events Solution is a relatively new company we pride ourselves on our desire to please. We have already provided equipment for a wide range of clients who have all been impressed with our efficient services,

Recent clients include:

  • Edinburgh City Council
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Leeds City Council and more.....

We have a fleet of Rigid Trucks all with Moffett Mounty Forktrucks allowing us to arrive onsite and erect barrier / fencing without the need for outside plant hire. The use of moffett Mounties enable us to offload ourselves in the most remote location prior to the delivery of plant hire. Subsequently, we can be FIRST ONSITE to build fencing compounds providing secure areas for other companies to delivery their equipment.


We can offer all types of fencing for the events industry enabling our clients to create a wide range of secure compounds. Below are the main types of fencing we can offer although should you have any specific requirements not shown feel free to call the office.All our fencing is 'Event' quality the majority of which is stillaged to enable easy and safe movement of equipment onsite.

Heras Fencing
- 2m high by 3.5m wide - The GS7 Anti Climb fencing has a special close mesh aperture and is ideally suited to areas with general public access. The panels stand 2m high and thus creates a secure area for your event or bask stage compound. There are 3 key elements to the anti climb system. They are the panel itself, a foot or block and a coupler. There are also other special sections available such as pedestrian gates, vehicle gates, backstays and anti lift devices to create a secure fence line on virtually all types of terrain. 

Hoarding (2m high by 2m wide)
- The principle of hoarding is the same as a heras fence panels in the fact that they all sit into blocks and are coupled together. Their only difference is their opaque front panel which provides a solid fencing line. When combined with infil panels they enable you to create a solid fencing line for a backstage compound. These units are braced using either grass pins or block trays in order to prevent damage from the wind.

High Hoarding (2.5m high by 2m wide)
- This is an alternative product to Steel Shield and creates a solid perimeter fence line 2.5m high. Unlike the other fencing products these panels do not sit into blocks the sit into panel feet which lay almost flat to the ground. They stand adjacent to each other and are connected at the top with a special coupler which is connected to the backstay. As with all the fencing we can offer vehicle gates and pedestrian gates.



Sometimes a known as Mojo barriers, A Frame barrier, Pitstop barrier or crush barrier. our Front of Stage Barriers can provide an ideal barrier system for all types of events including Pop concerts, firework displays, film locations, film premieres, demonstrations and public disorder events.Our sections come in standard 1m wide by 1.2m high footplated barrier units finished with a gloss black steel frame, perforated aluminium front panel (acoustically permeable) and 5 bar chequer aluminium footplate.

We have a large stock of special sections allowing our clients to build virtually any barrier configuration. We currently stock flexible corners (footplated and non foot-plated), 1m pedestrian gates, 1.2m disabled access gates, 4m vehicle gates, cable gates, 5 degree curved sections, bar top attachments, site shields, security step extensions and curb risers to name a few. We have also developed a Load Cell which enables us to record the crowd pressure placed on specific sections within a configuration. Whilst this is a relatively new product it is part of our ongoing product development with an emphasis on the comfort of the crowd and their safety at events.

The wide range of barrier modules that we can offer enables just about any barrier configuration imaginable. Our trained staff can use CAD planning systems to design your specific configuration supplying you with an accurate image of your barrier layout weeks before show day. The barriers comply fully with the requirements outlined in both the Pop code and the Institute of Structural Engineers guidelines. All units are compact and component free allowing quick and easy erection. All equipment can be supplied fully installed (wet hire), Equipment only (dry hire), long term lease or on a purchase basis.

Special safety features include:

  • Built in security platform
  • The original round top rail
  • Audience anchor plate
  • Flat pack easi-store design
  • Structural calculations
  • 8.3 kN certificates (supplied by Lloyds British)
  • Full product and public liability insurance
  • Fully trained staff
  • Acoustically transparent front panel


MOBILE PRODUCTION / COMMUNICATIONS / HOSPITALITY TRAILER - The most versatile mobile unit available in the Market this trailer was specifically developed to be used as an onsite office. The first floor area has a number of windows each side enabling you to view the whole site subsequently you can view the progress of the build and / or the crowd movement during your event.

The unit was recently used in Edinburgh for the Hogmanay celebrations. It was the main office for the onsite production team and remained onsite for 4 weeks. It also has a roof viewing platform which is accessed from the 1st floor. This area provides a 360 degree view of the site. Security cameras can also be linked into the trailer and viewed using the plasma screens on each level. Subsequently the unit enables you to have control of your site without going out in the wind and the rain!

Once positioned the vehicle takes 45mins to set up. It then provides a stand alone self sufficient unit capable of providing office facilities in the most remote areas.

The 45ft double deck trailer includes the following features:

  •  Cutting edge audio visual system - Boss speakers and plasma screen
  • Roof top viewing platform
  • Outside Floodlighting power points
  • Onboard 20kVa silent generator
  • 30ft by 8ft fully equipped office
  • 115 gallon waste and sewage tanks
  • Hardwire computer network
  • 105 gallon water tank
  • Extensive cat 5 wiring
  • Kitchen area
  • 2 toilets and one shower
  • Hot and cold water system
  • Air conditioning
  • Eating / workstation area
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