Evercut Tools Ltd.


We offer a cutting tool and cutter grinding service for all sectors of industry and we recondition and supply new cutting tools tailored to your requirements at outstanding rates.

Our cutting tools include miling cutters, HSS circular saws, step drills, taps, TCT circular saws, rotabroaches, countersinks, PCD routers, and reamers.

We provide flat form tools and all our work can be produced in large or small batches in both carbide and HSS. 

Reconditioned Machine Tools

We specialise in reconditioned machine tools and the types of tools we work with include HSS and TCT saw blades. Not only can we recondition machine tools but we also offer modifications to your new tools and can adapt them to your specifications.

Reconditioned machine tools can be undertaken in small batches and we also supply new tools produced from drawings ready for your requirements.   

Milling Cutters

We have been trading since 1989 and our owners have had experience in the tool and cutter grinding industry for over 35 years. This crucial experience has led us to offer an efficient and reliable service tailored to the needs of the client.

We supply a selection of milling cutters, refurbished and new. Our milling cutters are designed and manufactured from drawings and our TCT milling cutters can be produced in small or large batches.   

HSS Saws

We offer a comprehensive range of types and sizes of HSS saws.

Not only do we supply quality HSS saws, but we also have available a selection of TCT saws. We can reground these saws and replace broken tips. 

Step Drills

Our series of step drills can be modified and supplied to drawing supplied by the client to complement a specific requirement or application.

Our step drills can also be manufactured with a tin coating.

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