Evershed Products

Owing to an increasing global demand for conservation, by saving trees and reducing landfill situations, Evershed Products can offer you an extensive range of fabricated products made from recycled polystyrene and recycled plastic. By using modern technology, waste polystyrene and plastic can be recycled and formed, by extrusion and moulding, into various shapes and sizes, the majority of which duplicate their timber counterparts. The advantages gained from using this material are as follows:
  • It is a sustainable and low maintenance material
  • It will not rot, corrode, crack or splinter
  • Does not need painting or preserving
  • Is resistant to most chemicals and graffiti
  • It is impervious to water, insects and fungal attack
These aspects alone make the products popular, with a wide range of clients, in addition to enhancing their public image by addressing environmental issues and using the material.
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