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With over 40 years experience Everything Portal Ltd are a leading supplier and installer of steel frame buildings throughout the UK.
We supply and install prefabricated steel frames to local authorities and businesses of all sizes for all purposes, including:

  • Domestic Extensions
  • Farm Buildings (Steel Barns, Hay Barns, Pig Sheds, Equipment Storage, Crop and Grain Stores)
  • Animal Housing and Equestrian Buildings
  • Industrial Units (Prefabricated Steel Workshops, Manufacturing Units and Salt and Grit Stores for Winter Road Treatment, Aircraft Hangars)
  • Commercial and Office Workspaces

We recognise that our customers each have very unique requirements and different levels of experience when it comes to designing and implementing a portal frame building solution. We can assist you at specific stages of your project or can manage your steel building frame project on your behalf, working collaboratively with you throughout each stage of your steel portal frame building project to ensure that the solution is completed on time and budget and to your specific requirements.

Steel Building Refurbishment

Refurbishment, Relocation and Sustainable Steel Frame Buildings 
At Everything Portal we recognize that there is an ever increasing drive to save costs and adhere to carbon efficiency targets, especially if you’re a local authority looking to make investment in your next infrastructure project.
Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, not only do we offer a wide range of sustainable steel buildings and accessories which can themselves significantly reduce initial investment and ongoing OPEX expenditure but we also recognize that extending the longevity of existing investments can also be an effective method of dealing with these pressures.
We can work with you to identify ways in which you can update and upgrade your existing buildings to meet future requirements. Whether it’s dismantling and relocating your existing building or re-furbishing it and managing the entire process on your behalf there are a multitude of ways Everything Portal can assist you to overcome these pressures and meet your objectives.

Steel Building Refurbishment

Steel Frame Building Design

At Everything Portal Ltd we have an advanced steel frame building designing capacity that uses a range of software packages that create an accurate, structurally sound design no matter whether it is designing a brand new building or making alterations to an existing steel frame. Every steel frame building design is created with your budget and the environment in mind, allowing for the appropriate amount of steel weight to strength ratio for each build, minimising steel required.

Steel Frame Building Design
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