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EVERYVALVE:- Established with experience covering over 37 years in Barnet and then Potters Bar near North London in the UK For the supply of . Valves, Pumps, Hose Fittings, Pipe Fittings to industry.

  • Industries:- served are:- Chemical, Engineering, Contracting OEM, Councils and many others including overseas markets.
  • Valve :-sizes are from 3mm to 1000mm can be supplied in most materials such as:-
  • Materials :- Steel, Stainless, Brass, Gunmetal, Cast Iron, Aluminium, etc for the metal side and in PVC, PP, ABS, HDPE and PVDF for the plastics side.
  • Types :-of valves supplied are :- Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Relief, Needle, Penstock, Knife, Reducing, Sustaining, Solenoid, Actuated - Pneumatic and Electric versions. Specials are considered as are package lots.
  • Pumps:-Versions are:- Submersible, Centrifugal, Drum and Hand type in SS and plastics materials.
  • Hose Fittings:- in PP and Nylon from 3mm to 150mm.
  • Pipe fittings:- in PVC, PP, in plain or threaded form for industrial uses. Metal fittings also supplied to order.
  • Agencies for:- BD, KRAFT, TEFEN, IRRITEC, ASV stocked and supplied as part of the product range with other products of Durapipe, Spears, Valterra, RX, JJ, Sirai Products and Nocchi. Metal Valves ARI, LV, RIV, Valbia, Cast Flow, HQ, Brandoni, Valtec, Polix, Aquaflow, Sirai, Velan, Saunders, Gemu, Proex, Orbinox, DPV, Starline, Boniforge, Apollo, Trillium, KSB, Socla, Kitz, Bonomi, LVF, Econosto, Mars, Pekos, Hidroten, Asahi, Tefen. 

Manufacturing, Import, Export and Distribution of valves are activities that the company occupies itself for the major part of it’s business from the range as illustrated in it’s technical catalogue of 44 pages giving useful data and price guidance. Extra data is available to special order. Serious enquiries are welcomed in our factory premises for a prompt reply.

19 Station Close Potters Bar EN6 1TL United Kingdom