EWFM specialises in engineered equipment for use in the industrial, offshore, subsea and defence sectors. Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest standard of Quality Products, Service & Support.

Loading Arms

We supply road tanker and railcar loading arms and unloading arms in a wide range of configurations including bottom loading arms, top loading arms and vapour recovery arms. Our loading arms are available in sizes from 2” to 6” subject to design.  Models designed for use with fuels, chemicals, hot fluids, gases, foods and beverages.

Floating Suction Units

We supply floating suction units designed for bulk fluid storage tank types, above or below ground, horizontal or vertical, fixed or floating roof. The floating suction units are manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium as standard. We can also supply in duplex, super duplex or inconel and other materials on request. Sizes range from 1” to 44” diameter, larger sizes on request.

Articulated Roof Drain

Articulated Roof Drains also known as Floating Roof Drains are available in various configurations suitable for a wide range of tank sizes for the removal of rainwater from floating roof storage tanks. 

Swivel Joints

We provide a range of standard and engineered swivels joints in sizes from ½” to 72” NB. They are available as individual swivels or fully assembled with elbows, flanges or threaded end fittings giving single or multiple planes of rotation. Our engineered range of swivel joints are manufactured to order, and allow us to offer an engineered solution for each specific application.

Subsea Swivel Joints

We supply subsea swivel joints designed to remove torque during flexible pipe deployment. They are manufactured to API / DNV standards. They are suitable for gas or oil duty, and operations of more than 3000m (9800ft) in depth. With internal pressures to 5000 PSI+, our subsea swivel joints are available with flanges or weld ends, in sizes from 2” to 18”NB, or larger sizes on request.

Drybreak Couplings

We supply drybreak couplings for the transfer of fluids and gases. These units are operator safe, reliable and easy to use. Standard drybreak couplings are available in sizes dia ¾” to 6”, the engineered range of couplings in dia ¾” to 8”. Options and accessories include dust caps & dust plugs to protect contact faces, and the option to prevent accidental connection to a same size unit carrying a different product. We also provide proximity switches to signal connection or disconnection, parking/ storage connections, and tools.

Breakaway Couplings

Our breakaway coupling is a safety device providing protection for loading and unloading facilities, hose assemblies, storage tanks, railcars, road tankers, ships, barges, and the environment against spills. We have shear pin and non-destructive separation models available for our breakaway coupling in sizes ¾” to 12” NB.

Chemcial Nozzles

Dispensing nozzles, designed for your application. Nozzles manufactured to suit a wide range of hazardous chemicals, alcohols, beverages.  Manual and automatic shutoff models available.

Drum Filler

The Drum Filling Head is an engineered product for filling storage drums or tanks.

Offers reliability in use and safety for the operator, where hazardous fluids or gases are being transferred. This product will be engineered to meet the needs of your application. 

Folding Stairs

We offer Folding Stair and Gantry Platforms for safe operator access between ground level and top of road tanker or railcar to prevent injury from falls.

Models available from 800mm wide to 4000mm wide, with 1 to 6 steps, manual and pneumatic models available.

ATEX approved models available.

API Coupler

API Coupler models for liquid loading and vapour return, manufactured in accordance with API RP 1004.

  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to maintane

- Aluminium construction with anodised finish.

- Viton sealing.

- TTMA connection flange.

Biofuel and aviation fuel models available.

Contact us for further information.

Compact Swivel

The Compact range of Swivel products, manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel, in sizes from 2" to 12" with flanges in ANSI/ASME standard 150 lb. As an example a 2" model Swivel is just 68mm flange face to flange face.

Drum Filling Systems

We offer drum, container, IBC, cask filling systems in manual, semi-automatic and continuous configurations, suitable for fuels, oils, chemicals, food stuffs, alcohols, beverages, bitumen, pharmaceutical products.

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CIP Nozzles

CIP Trigger Nozzle suitable for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.
The surfaces, seals and overall design all comply with FDA requirements. 
Nominal widths rage from DN15 to DN25.
Connections to the inlet and outlet are available with or without sterile connectors.


Mann Tek Supplier

Dry Disconnect Couplings are available in sizes from ¾” up to 6” in a wide range of materials and seals for almost any application. 
The self sealing design of the Dry disconnect couplings provides both the highest level of safety and also the quickest way of connecting and disconnecting.

Agitators & Mixers

Agitators, mixers and dispersers available in 30 basic models, this range of equipment has models for processing small laboratory samples to large scale production plant. Contact us for further information.

Agitators & Mixers

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