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Excel Data Systems Limited have a full waste management license from the Environment Agency for our site in Hadfield. License number: EA WML100107. We are also registered as an 'Authorized Treatment Facility' (ATF) for electronic waste.



  Excel Data Systems.com can help you dispose of your surplus IT equipment. Our aim is to realise the maximum benefit to yourselves and still operate within the forthcoming WEEE Directive. The main benefits arise from our refurbishment facility, which enables us to purchase most computer equipment whether working, or not. 

In order to offer a complete service to our customers we can accept all aspects of electronic and computer equipment and process them through our recycling and refurbishment procedure in order to maximise monetary values. The remaining material is then passed on to a fully licensed environmentally secure recycling company to ensure full compliance with the forthcoming WEEE-DIRECTIVE.
Certificates of recycling are available on request to demonstrate our commitment, and hence your commitment, to reuse and recycle your computers. Should you have any questions regarding our environmental policy please do not hesitate to contact us.



There is always a good market for laptops and Excel Data are constantly looking out for batches of laptops with good specifications to add to their current stock.

Boards, chips and ancillary equipment

Although not one of the core businesses of Excel Data we are often in the market for ancillary equipment to upgrade or repair our existing equipment, or to meet special customer requirements.

This policy has led us making many good contacts for sourcing and providing upgrade and repair components.

Collection and Delivery

Excel Data will collect and deliver, using their own transport where practicable, within the U.K. and are equipped to receive and provide deliveries worldwide from single packages to multi-container loads.


Excel Data Systems repair centre offers repair and servicing of computers, videos, televisions and other audio visual equipment. 


Quality Environmental and Safety Policy

EXCEL DATA SYSTEMS regard the management of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety issues as an integral part of its operations in refurbishing IT equipment for re-use. This will entail the training and involvement of all employees to meet the company's commitments to quality, safety, and care of the environment.

The company's documented system, based on Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001, Environmental Management System BS EN ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001, describes the organisation, responsibilities and activities employed by EXCEL DATA SYSTEMS to control the quality of their equipments, their safety and environmental impacts.

EXCEL DATA SYSTEMS will meet and where possible exceed the requirements of international, national and local legislation and standards with respect to equipment quality, safety and environmental requirements.

EXCEL DATA SYSTEMS will use natural resources in a responsible way, seeking to reduce their consumption, recycling where we cannot reuse, thereby minimising our output of waste.

EXCEL DATA SYSTEMS will strive to incorporate safety into all operations and equipments, eliminating risks where possible, minimising risks where they cannot be eliminated.

Quality, environmental and occupational health and safety performance will be measured by the management team who will seek continuous improvement against defined targets and will report this progress in an annual report describing the achievements of EXCEL DATA SYSTEMS. This report will be available to their staff, their customers and all interested parties by way of a presentation on the company internet site

Environmental Statement

The main principals of environmental management are:


Reduce and re-use go together in our computer industry. By prolonging the lives of the equipment by reuse we are reducing the immense amounts of energy required to convert raw materials into the metals, glass and plastics that make up individual components and the materials themselves required to make a new unit.
  But in our business we do occasionally receive CRTs and base units that are beyond economic repair. In these circumstances Excel Data Systems can confirm that these are sent for recycling to a company licensed by the Environment Agency.
  This company specializes in the dismantling, processing and granulation of computer equipment. Although there is a significant cost to recycling through this route Excel Data Systems believe that it is worthwhile to ensure that the equipment is not sent to landfill and that Excel Data Systems conform to the requirements of the forthcoming WEEE Directive. The recycling company provide Excel Data Systems with a "Certificate of Recycling" for the equipment giving the traceability required for ISO 14001 conformance.
  These certificates are available on request to demonstrate our commitment, and hence your commitment, to reuse and recycle your computers. Should you have any questions regarding our Environmental Policy please do not hesitate to contact us.
Environmental Statement

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