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At Exled Ltd, we specialise in supplying high-quality LED lighting for a wide range of applications. Our LED lighting solutions include energy saving bulbs, ceiling panels, tubes and strip lighting, all at competitive prices. We provide a bespoke design and manufacture service to meet your individual requirements.   

Lighting Products

Exled - we're known for innovation in LED technology. High Quality, low maintenance products that can meet all of your commercial or industrial LED lighting needs.

Exled specialist ranges including LED linear fittings, LED panels, LED tubes, LED floodlights, LED downlights, LED sensor lights, LED explosion proof Zone I & II, LED strip lights, LED bulbs, LED control systems designed with the future firmly in view.

LED Applications

We supply LED applications suit both industrial and commercial requirements. Our LED applications are powerful, energy efficient, high quality, and robust and best still, don't cost the earth.

LED Interior Downlights

We stock flexible and rigid LED light strips to suit almost any application. Our LED light strips have wide or narrow beam angle and are available in single or colour changing designs. Some lights are available waterproof or encapsulated and may require controllers.

LED Rope Lights

We supply a fantastic selection of LED rope lights in a variety of lengths and colours. Our LED rope lights have low power consumption and are suitable for an assortment of applications. The ropes can even be cut at specified points and rewired to suit your requirements.

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