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As the original UK expanded metal manufacturer we have developed our leading position through a commitment to customer service, technical expertise, product innovation and a 'can do' philosophy. We can offer the most comprehensive range of expanded metal mesh available anywhere in the world.   We also specialise in mesh pressings and finished mesh products for the filtration and architectural markets, as well as supplying perforated sheets and alternatives to woven and welded wire.   The Expanded Metal Company has been supplying worldwide markets in industrial and building products from our purpose built manufacturing site in Hartlepool for over 120 years. An additional production facility in Germany gives customers access to the most effective production techniques throughout Europe. Well-established distribution facilities worldwide ensure that we respond effectively to international orders of all sizes.    We also supply tiers of manufacturing with component parts in addition to producing our own range of finished products in-house. Any ductile metal can be expanded. For more information please refer to our website www.expandedmetalcompany.co.uk    The Expanded Metal Company is a Gibraltar Industries Company. Gibraltar Industries is a leading manufacturer, processor, and distributor of primarily metal materials for the building, vehicular, and industrial markets.   
  1. Expanded Metal Products
  2. Architectural Applications
  3. Filtration
  4. Interior Applications
  5. Walkways
  6. Fencing
  7. Security Products
  8. Specialist Expanded Metal Applications
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