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We are a dominant and renowned UK supplier of industrial electrical equipment such as motor control gear. As well as our top of the range options in motor control gear, further products range from consumer units to contactors, circuit breakers to RCDs and RCBOs.

Our motor control gear range includes the following categories of products:

  • Contactor
  • Direct On Line Starters (DOLs)
  • Overload Relay
  • Manual Motor Starter and Accessories

DIN Rail Terminal Block

Our supply of industrial electrical equipment is vast and also includes many DIN rail terminal block options. If you require a DIN rail terminal block, our supply is certain to cover your requirements, at a cost-effective price.

Further to DIN rail terminals, we also stock and supply:

  • Metal and plastic enclosures
  • Push button and LED indicators
  • Isolators
  • Industrial plugs and sockets
DIN Rail Terminal Block

Industrial Plugs and Sockets

For industrial plugs and sockets, we provide the most high-quality options from the top manufacturers. Our supply of industrial plugs and sockets include options from brands such as 'Scame' and 'ILME'.

Products include:

Industrial Plugs and Sockets

Cable Connectors

Cable connectors are one of our most broad product ranges with options in ILME connectors, twister cable connectors, push in cable connectors and cable glands.

Further options in our all-application encompassing range of cable connectors include:

Cable Connectors

PMA Flexible Conduit

We supply PMA flexible conduit in many grades and styles. We supply a complete range of PMA flexible conduit, including straight connectors, 90° elbow connectors and conduit clips. To see the full range, visit our website.

As well as PMA flexible conduit, our vast stock range includes:

PMA Flexible Conduit
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