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At Explosion Hazard Testing Ltd, our dust testing laboratory offers a full range of tests to quantify the hazardous properties of dust particles. 

Our expert staff are able to offer years of experience in dust testing and interpretation of the results obtained. All testing is carried out to UK, EN, ASTM or ISO standards.

Explosion Indices

We measure explosion indices including Pmax and Kst value to measure how severe a dust explosion is. Our explosion indices tests meet BS EN 14034 -1&2:2004 standards. These are required for validating protection design, including containment, venting and suppression.

Explosion Indices

Minimum Ignition Energy

We provide minimum ignition energy to measure how easy a dust cloud is ignited by electrical and electrostatic discharges. Our minimum ignition energy tests meet BS EN 13821:2002 standards and provide results as an energy range.

Minimum Ignition Energy

5mm Layer Ignition Test

We follow BS EN 50281-2-1:1999 standards for our 5mm layer ignition test. Our 5mm layer ignition test is used to discover the lowest temperature a layer of dust will ignite on a heated surface.

5mm Layer Ignition Test

Flash Point Testing

We use flash point testing to determine the lowest temperature a liquid will form from an explosive vapour.

Our flash point testing uses a variety of methods and standards including:

  • Setaflash flash point testing
  • Pensky Martens open and closed testing
  • Abel testing
  • Tag testing
  • Cleveland open cup testing

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