Explosion Hazard Testing Ltd (Combustible Dust Testing)


Here at Explosion Hazard Testing Ltd, we provide explosion testing services to a whole range of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical and food. Our explosion testing services test liquids, flammable gases and dust. We test flour, sugar, metal dust, dried waste and wood products.

Dust Testing

We provide dust testing to establish whether or not a dust is combustible.

Our comprehensive dust testing services include:

  • Flammability classification (combustible dust testing)
  • Train firing
  • Thermal decomposition screening
  • Isothermal basket test for self heating
  • Minimum ignition temperature (dust cloud)
  • Layer Ignition Temperature (dust layer)
  • Minimum ignition energy
  • Maximum explosion pressure
  • Maximum rate of pressure rise
  • Minimum explosible concentration (lower explosible limit)
  • Limiting oxygen concentration
  • Powder resistivity
  • ATEX dust compliance

Flashpoint Testing

We provide flashpoint testing to determine the lowest temperature an explosive vapour will form from a liquid. Our flash point testing allows you to take appropriate action when storing, handling and transporting liquids.

Our services include: 

  • Flashpoint testing
  • Sustained combustibility testing
  • Flammability limits in air
  • Flammability diagrams in air
  • Auto ignition temperature in air
  • Carius tube
  • Adiabatic Pressure dewar
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