Explosion Hazard Testing Ltd (Flashpoint Testing)


Our combustible dust testing laboratory at Runcorn is equipped to provide a full range of explosion tests to determine whether dust is an explosion risk in your workplace. We test dusts against a variety of ignition sources to determine their flammability and can offer explosion testing and ignition testing to national, european and international standards.

Combustible dust testing is the essential first step towards demonstrating ATEX and DSEAR compliance. 

Explosive Powder Testing

Measuring the ignition energy of an explosive dust or powder determines how easily the material is ignited by an electrical or electrostatic discharge. Our minimum ignition energy test, carried out to BS EN 13821:2002, assesses the ease of ignition and what additional precautions might be required to prevent ignition in practice.

Additionally, testing to BS EN 50281-2-1:1999 measures the lowest temperature a layer of dust will ignite on a heated surface and is essential for the effective control of ignition sources on industrial plants.

Explosion Testing

As experts in explosion testing, we can help make your workplace safe. Pharmeceutical and chemical products, wood products, grain dust and food products all react differently. Our job is to measure the explosion and ignition parameters of these products, thereby allowing you to take the proper precautions and demonstrate Atex compliance through appropriate explosion testing.

Flash Point Testing Laboratory

Our flash point testing lab undertakes testing to determine the lowest temperature a liquid will form from an explosive vapour. With special attention to methodology and standards, our flash point testing services include:

  • Setaflash flash point testing
  • Pensky Martens open and closed testing
  • Abel testing
  • Tag testing
  • Cleveland open cup testing
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