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  • Do you need your tax calculated quickly?
  • Are you running out of time to file your tax return?
  • Would you like to claim back more tax?
  • Do you want a fixed-fee accounting cost?

At Express Accounts Online our team of experienced and reputable accountants specialises in high-speed, efficient and accurate tax returns and accounts services.

Our goal is to minimise your accounting worries and to bring you a tax-saving and budget-conscious result as quickly as possible. In many cases we will prepare your end-of-year accounts and tax returns in just two days.

Express Accounts Online offers a wealth of accounting services to companies and sole traders throughout the UK, including tax returns and refunds for a wide range of business, personal tax, corporate tax, CIS tax returns, year-end accounts, book-keeping and payroll.

The benefits of employing Express Accounts Online include:

  • An innovative and tax-efficient approach to preparing accounts for small businesses and sole traders
  • Fast and accurate completion of returns and accounts for your peace of mind
  • A FREE and secure documentation collection and return service
  • Fixed-fee pricing packages for a wide range of our services
Choose Express Accounts Online

Tax savings

Are you paying too much tax? Whether you're a sole trader, company director, contracts worker or employee, at Express Accounts Online we recommend that our clients pay only as much tax as they are legally obliged to pay – and no more.

UK tax legislation contains many allowances, reliefs and benefits that can help you to minimise your tax liability.

Our experienced and reputable accountants can help you to make tax savings by ensuring that you are maximising all your allowances.

Added to this, our fees are tax deductible.

Our tax-saving tips include:

  • employing your spouse in your business
  • use of your home as an office
  • motor expenses versus mileage
  • valuation of stock
  • recovering VAT on invoices prior to registration

PAYE Tax refunds

A third of all PAYE (Pay As You Earn) employees have overpaid tax in the UK. And it could be that this includes you.

Are you a PAYE employee? Have you worked for a PAYE employer part-time or on contract? It could be that you have been paying taxes via the emergency tax code or under an incorrect PAYE tax band.

Let Express Accounts Online assess your tax band and PAYE pay – and help you to reclaim the overpaid tax that is due to you.

The chances are you are eligible for a tax refund if:

  • You are a CIS worker (Construction Industry Scheme)
  • You have only worked for part of the year
  • You were made redundant
  • You are leaving the UK
  • You arrived from overseas half way through a tax year (after April).
PAYE Tax refunds

CIS tax returns/refunds

If you're a CIS worker then you will be paying too much tax from day one of your contract. This means that you will not be taking full advantage of your annual tax-free allowance.

In just two days, our efficient and experienced accountants can make a large tax refund claim for you.

We will file the tax return online for you, which means you will receive your tax refund in as little as two weeks.

Why use Express Accounts Online?

  • We specialise in precise and fast completion of your self-assessment tax return
  • We save you time and reduce your tax liability so that you can be more productive
  • We utilise a host of tax-saving strategies to minimise your tax payments

Self-employed tax return

If you're self-employed, filing your own end-of-year tax return can be a time-consuming and worrying task. So many receipts, tax allowances, form filling and information required. Instead, why not let the professionals take the hassle out of your annual tax return?

Why use Express Accounts Online?

Whether you've left your tax return to the last minute or you just can't find the time to organise your accounts, our team of accountants will make a quick and efficient tax return on-line to the Inland Revenue for you.

Self Employed Tax and account services include:

  • Preparation of your personal tax return together with appropriate supporting schedules.
  • Calculation of your self-assessment tax liability and any Class IV National Insurance Contributions. We will tell you how much tax to pay and when.
  • Delivery of your tax return, tax calculations and supporting schedules for you to approve and sign.
  • Submission of your tax return to HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.
  • Initiation of repayment claims if appropriate when tax and/or National Insurance Contributions has/have been overpaid.
Self-employed tax return

VAT return

Are you are under pressure every three months to complete your VAT returns? Do you waste valuable business time sorting out your VAT returns? Then let Express Accounts Online take care of your VAT returns for you. We can offer fixed-fee packages that will make your VAT returns cost effective and efficient.

The VAT return process is simple with Express Accounts Online. Simply send us all your invoices, bank statements, receipts and all other relevant information and we'll take care of the preparing and processing of your VAT return.

We can also advise you or your company about special accounting schemes, such as cash accounting or flat rate schemes.

On completion of your VAT return, we will return the paperwork in an organised and easy-to-follow system.


Cut your staff and administration costs by out-sourcing all your payroll needs. Express Accounts Online can take care of your payroll requirements.

 We will:

  • Maintain your payroll records
  • Supply you with completed payslips for you to pass to employees
  • Supply you with a completed HM Revenue & Customs payslip for the PAYE and National Insurance Contributions for you to send to the Collector of Taxes.
  • Complete your year-end return P35 and P14 forms and file these online subject to approval by you.
  • Supply you with P60 forms to pass on to your employees.
  • Imagine how much money you will save – and how much more productive you can be – if our accountants are taking care of all your payroll requirements for you.


Cut your staff and administration costs by out-sourcing all your book-keeping needs. Express Accounts Online can take care of your book-keeping.

We will:

  • Keep and maintain records of your business receipts and payments
  • Reconcile the monthly balances with the bank statements
  • Post and balance the purchase and sales ledgers
  • Assess and organise your accounting records insofar as they are incomplete when presented to us
  • Complete the postings to the nominal ledger.

Year-end accounts

Your year-end accounts provide invaluable information about your business and its performance. Express Accounts Online are experts in a wide range of account procedures.

Our expert accountants can advise you how to strengthen your book-keeping procedures, which will help you to better manage your business and increase cash flow.

Whether you are a sole trader, company director, or contract worker Express Accounts Online can help.

Our year-end accounts service includes:

  • Writing up the accounting records of the business insofar as they are incomplete when presented to us
  • Completing the postings to the nominal ledger
  • Preparing the accounts for approval by you.

Please note: We will not carry out an audit and, accordingly, will not verify the assets and liabilities of the business, nor the items of expenditure and income.

Year-end accounts

Fixed Fee Accounting Prices

  Express 48hrs Service Fast 2 weeks Service
PAYE Tax Refunds £499 £299
CIS tax returns/refunds £499 £299
Tax Return for self-employed £899 £499
Corporation Tax £499 £299
Payroll £10 per payslip, £100 per employers for the payroll year end
VAT Returns    
0-200 receipts £299 £199
201-500 receipts £399 £249
501+ to be agreed  
0-200 receipts £299 £199
201-500 receipts £399 £249
501+ to be agreed  
Accounts Preparation to be agreed
Fixed Fee Accounting Prices

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