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Exquip protectors are completely environmentally friendly, the material used is neutral. Exquip will take back all our used pipe protectors, please contact us for further information. 

The idea was to manufacture a protector without using steel, which was used by all other manufacturers for product stability, but instead use a patented system for stability in larger sizes. 

All damaged protectors are milled and this material is used in the manufacturing process.

Thread Protector

Exquip have Manufacturing/Refurbishing bases in Hamm Germany, Montrose UK , Houston Tx with storage facilities in Singapore.

HIGH QUALITY ELASTICITY AND NATURAL STABILITY achieved through utilisation of advanced polymer engineering and newly developed manufacturing methods.

This eliminates the need for steel reinforcement which is used as a dimension stabilising element in composite protectors.

On-site experience shows the positive relaxation characteristics of the material prevents EXQUIP Protectors from jamming, even under the heaviest impact in the field. 


MUTIPLE REUSABILITY according to our customers, previous experience shows approx 90% rate of reusability.

EXQUIP MANAGES, if required, the recycling / reconditioning of used EXQUIP Protectors.

REUSABLE PROTECTORS are offered to customers as a cost effective option.

DAMAGED PROTECTORS are ground and this material added to new material for manufacture. Thus no EXQUIP Protectors are dumped in land fill sites and because of this EXQUIP 'closed loop' system the end user faces no disposal costs.

EXQUIP PROTECTORS are up to 70% lighter than convential protectors therefore transport and handling energy is conserved whilst installation / removal far easier.

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