Extruded Plastics Ltd

Manufacturers and suppliers of tube monofilament and profiles to all industries since 1972. We have recently moved to a new purpose built factory. We offer a high quality service tailored to your requirements at a competitive price.
  • Specialists in VO Nylon and High Temperature Polymers.
  • Manufacturers in other nylons. PVDF, PPS, and other high specification materials.

Tube Extrusion

We specialise in tube extrusion from 1 mm diameter to 100mm diameter in a wide variety of thermoplastics including Polycarbonate.

We also make monofilaments in Nylon, PVDF,PPS and other high spec engineering thermoplastics.

Listed below are a few of the materials we extrude.
  • ABS
  • Acetal
  • C.A.B
  • Nylon6
  • Nylon6.6

Other materials we extrude: Nylon12, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene Low/High Density, Polypropylene, Polystyrene High, Impact/Crystal, PET / PET-G, PVDF, PPSU, PVC (Flexible), uPVC (Rigid)

Extruded Plastics Ltd

Please contact Extruded Plastics Ltd sales team to discuss your requirements if the material you intend to use does not appear in the list above.

We offer a wide variety of specialised extrusions of both tube & profile in clear, flame retardant and coloured thermoplastics.

If you require a non standard colour we can colour match in most materials to your specification from a sample or colour reference.

Extruded Plastics Ltd
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