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Established in 1990, Fabcon Projects Ltd was originally devised to provide engineering solutions to the oil and gas industries. Since then we have developed a proven track record as subcontractors to some of the most prestigious UK companies over the past decade. We carry out a range of services for both the offshore and subsea industries. Read on for more information about what we can do for you.Our years of experience in the industry means that we can offer a solution to all of your fabrication problems whilst creating high quality products that won't let you down. Get in touch with us today at Fabcon Projects Ltd. We're sure that you won't be disappointed that you came to us for specialists in oil and gas fabrication in Europe.

Stainless Steel Fabricating

Have you been searching for a company that will manufacture steel equipment specifically for your business? Fabcon Projects Ltd manufactures mild steel equipment for all sized companies across the UK. Based in Norwich we are able to provide our products and services to local building companies, local authorities, highways departments and airports as well as the general public. Our dedicated team has years of experience and knowledge for your requirements, which means that you'll be provided with a bespoke product that suits your purposes.

Waterjet Cutting Machines

Have you been searching for a company that can provide you with water jet cutting machines in the UK? Fabcon Projects Ltd has 15 years of experience in the industry and works hard to provide you with a first class service at all times. We offer cutting services for a range of materials, having the expertise and knowledge to provide a service upon which our clients can rely on. Read on for more information on what we can do for you.

Metalwork Displays

Amongst our other services, Fabcon Projects Ltd also can create projects for exhibition purposes. These can include more involved exhibits, from two storey structures for the larger exhibitor or simple architectural display metalwork for those on a smaller budget. We offer the same professional advice and management for all, whilst always providing value for money. We are able to cater to any size of exhibition, having completed a vast number of projects, ranging from over £1.5 million at a single exhibition, to smaller adhoc projects for more tailored or smaller shows. When you need providers of exhibition fabrication, give Fabcon Projects Ltd a call today.

Titanium Fabrication

Have you been searching for a company that can carry out titanium fabrication in Europe? With 25 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to carry out a first class service at all times. Our highly skilled work force is dedicated to producing a world class product in line with ISO 9001.

Bead Blasting

At Fabcon Projects Ltd we always take the care to ensure that our metal work is finished to a high standard. To this end we are specialists in bead blasting. This is a metal surface finishing treatment in which round beads of glass are driven through the air by specially designed nozzles, which results in a clean, bright, stain and uniform surface finish on complex shapes. There is minimal dimensional change or removal of material from the component, which makes this an ideal metal finishing technique as it creates a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Plant Maintenance

At Fabcon Projects Ltd we are able to provide highly skilled project managers and experienced tradesmen to carry out all of your service for all types of process plant machinery. Work for large projects can be taken on as well as smaller projects and we are also able to take care of any difficult requirements; providing the same care and service for all of our clients on a one to one basis. We have a reputation for putting our customer requirements and needs first.

Vessel Fabrication

At Fabcon Projects Ltd, quality controls in line with ISO 9001 form the basis of all pre-production and manufacturing. This ensures that you receive a product that is manufactured to an extremely high standard. All materials are carefully segregated before and during fabrication to ensure high quality. Our team of management and technical personal utilise the latest design calculation software and CAD systems to ensure total project success from the initial concept to the final commissioning. This means that you can rest assured that your product is being looked after at each stage of the fabrication process, so you receive a product that you are completely satisfied with.

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