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Fabreeka International Inc are the only choice that you need for all your shock and vibration solutions, We are a ISO 9001 registered company who are more than just manufacturers of isolators, we can provide custom moulded vibration and shock isolators to some of the biggest players in the industry. We have nearly 100 years of design and manufacture experience in providing shock and vibration solutions to our customers.

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Fabreeka Pad

Originally developed in 1936, Fabreeka pad is the original reinforced elastomeric pad designed solely for the purpose of shock control and vibration isolation and structure noise reduction.

Fabreeka pad can be used as a bearing pad to eliminate concrete spalling to compensate for construction irregularities.

Fabreeka Pad

Fabcel Pad

Properties of the Fabcel pad are designed to provide low frequency vibration isolation and reduction of impact shock. Fabcel vibration isolation pad is manufactured using nitrile compound to achieve this.

Fabcel pad has been used for over 40 years now for mounting machinery and sensitive equipment where absorption of impact shock or isolation of transmitted vibration is desired.

Fabcel pads can be bonded together to achieve the desired vibration isolation efficiency for any application that it is incorporated into.

Fabcel Pad

Anti Vibration Solutions

Sometimes the correct isolator is only the beginning of providing a solution for unwanted vibration and shock. At Fabreeka International our product knowledge and engineers are second to none when dealing with vibration isolation and the correct product can always be recommended for a total vibration solution.

Our design capabilities for anti vibration solutions include:

  • Structural design and stress analysis of structures
  • Foundation (inertia block) design including construction drawings
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Dynamic/Modal analysis
  • Vibration measurement and analysis
  • Construction/project management


Anti Vibration Solutions

Vibration Site Survey

Most precision machine tool and measuring machine manufacturers have established allowable vibration specifications for their machines but low frequency vibrations and large shock inputs can affect the accuracy, repeatability and throughput of precision machinery.

Fabreeka International engineers can offer a unique vibration site survey to measure these factors that can impact on your business.

Analysis by our engineers would include actual test data outlining the frequency and corresponding amplitude of acceleration, velocity and displacements which may cause potential problems. The appropriate isolator and system can then be implemented to remedy this.

To discuss a vibration site survey that you wish to undertake please contact us and we would be more than happy to help


Vibration Site Survey

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