Faceo FM Ltd



Launched at the end of 2000, Faceo Group established itself as a European Facility Management market leader in only a few years. Driven by our Clients needs, our business model has two fundamental principles:

Outsourcing support functions to multiple service providers reduces the opportunity for cost savings

Our single point of contact approach to facilities management means that our clients can focus on their core activities and leave us to manage their properties in the knowledge that we will continually re-evaluate cost without prejudicing service and keep them updated and compliant in respect of health , safety and environmental legislation.

To perform, Facility Management requires both expertise and understanding

Faceo are both managing contractor and service deliverer. Sensitive/business critical services are usually delivered by Faceo whereas specific services may be delivered through selected partners

We provide Total Facility Management solutions by taking over all your basic overhead and property-related requirements, or provide segmented services to cover your more specific needs (maintenance, security, document management, purchasing, real estate services , etc.) based on the Facility-Management approach

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