Factory Maintenance Services Ltd


Factory Maintenance Services

Factory Maintenance Services offer a HIGH STANDARD of service to all their customers at COMPETITIVE PRICES. We only employ fully SKILLED ENGINEERS, so all work is carried out to the HIGHEST STANDARD.

Why Choose Us?

Paying too much for the maintenance of your machines? Feeling the burn in your pocket from high maintenance bills?

We offer a 24 hour / 7 days a week breakdown service and GUARENTEE to respond to your call in 8 working hours, but we often to our local clients in 2 hours so you can have peace of mind that when you call us you will get an engineer on time and one that will repair your equipment.

REPAIRS: Equipment

The services that we offer start from general repairs and maintenance of machines to preventative maintenance services in which we can arrange to service your machines on a weekly to yearly basis, to suit your company and machines.

Our Services Include:

mechanical repair of machinery, which include cardboard production machinery, sodeme and lampomatic stischer gluers. case-makers, printer slotters, diecuts , rotarys , slotters banders and all other equipment

Foundry Equipment

Includes furnaces, gas / electric. sand mixers , all sand handling equipment, sand knock outs, and all fettling equipment .

REPAIRS: Equipment

REPAIRS: Food Machinery

Food Machinery

Includes turbo and all other types of depositors all types of ovens, all makes of mixers,and converyor systems.

REPAIRS: Food Machinery

REPAIRS: Engineering Equipment

Engineering Equipment

Includes lathes all makes , mills, guillotines (including blade changes), pressses, drills , all fabrication equipment. At tools including desoutter and avedel guns and all other types . We also service and maintain plastic injection moulding machinery

As you can see by our client list (ON OUR WEBSITE) we offer a service to a wide and varied list of different companies in the local area, so if you dont see yours come and tell us and we will gladly help you out with all your needs.

REPAIRS: Engineering Equipment
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