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We specialise in creating food packaging solutions. We are able to meet the stringent requirements of the industry in terms of quality and processes.

We supply a variety of food packaging choices to ensure we can match every need. All of our products are in  full compliance with all applicable legislative requirements for hygiene and safety.

Convenience Food Trays

We specialise in convenience food trays and packaging for the food industry. We have a great deal of experience in the industry requirements for processes and quality.

As well as convenience food trays, we provide the solution to a wide variety of food packaging requirements and they all are compliant with legislative needs in regards to safety and hygiene.

Meal Trays

Our meal trays for ready meals are available in thousands of different variations. There are many ways to get your product noticed by the shape, colour and design of your meal trays for ready meals.

The meal trays are made out of CPET, safe from freezer to oven or PP which is microwaveable.

Ready Meals Packaging

We are specialists in ready meals packaging with an extensive knowledge of the stringent requirements of the industry in terms of quality and processes. Our wide range of packaging ensures we match every need.

Plastic packaging affords you many possibilities to differentiate your ready meals packaging by shape, colour and design.

The materials typically used for ready meals packaging are CPET, which is be taken from the freezer and put in the oven, or PP used in microwave ovens.

Plastic Packaging Design

We have a huge range of plastic packaging design options and we have used our extensive knowledge over the years we have been in operation. All of our packaging is made from monomaterial, thus enabling us to use 99% of this to make the packaging more environmentally sound.

Our plastic packaging design capabilities, including CPET, APET, MAPET, PS, PP and PLA are available in a huge range of colours.

Plastic Food Trays

Our plastic food trays for fresh meat are ideal for meat, fish and poultry and they come with absorber pads or built-in absorbers.

Our fresh meat plastic food trays are made of PS, PP and MAPET, ideal for any application where there is a risk of contamination. The food trays are available in a variety of colours and designs and if they are made of MAPET they are clear to highlight the product.


Packaging for Cold Foods and Snacks

Packaging for cold foods and snacks includes fruit, vegetables, cold meats, snacks and dairy products. Our designs are perfect for your requirements and we have worked with food producers to bring you innovative food packing ideas. Our aim is to give you convenience, such as plastic cutlery with the food packaging.

We use PP or APET in our packaging for cold food and snacks and they are available in a clear format for excellent display and hinged tops as well as top sealing is available.

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