Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd


Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd manufacture a range of sign supports. Their sign supports are made from solid brass to ensure durability. All of their fittings are supplied in a satin chrome finish.

Their sign supports can be used with almost all types of material. This allows you to make individual and attractive signs for your premises.

Estate Agency Displays

Estate agency displays play a critical part in how that agent is perceived by potential customers. Dated displays can give the wrong impression and have detrimental effect on their business.

Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd are experts in producing estate agent displays. They know how to create an eye-catching display that reflects your company's branding.

They have over 30 years of experience in producing estate agency displays. Furthermore, they are at the forefront of creating new and innovative designs to help your business stand out.

Estate Agents Window Displays

Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd offers various types of estate agents window displays, including:

  • LED light pockets
  • Digital screens
  • Free standing window displays
  • Cable/rod window display kits.

All of their estate agents window displays can create a stunning impression to draw customers into your office.

A3 & A4 Poster Holders

Fairfield offers A3 & A4 poster holders that can be suspended on cables or rods. They can be orientated as a portrait or landscape poster display.

Their A3 & A4 poster holders can be suspended floor to ceiling or wall mounted. Suction pads are available for temporary fittings.

Their A3 & A4 poster holders are perfect for numerous applications, including: hairdressers, estate agents, retail shops, exhibition stands, banks and many more.

Digital Signage

Fairfield has over 12 years of experience in producing digital signage. They strive to provide all the information about their digital signage in a simple, easy to understand manner.

They work closely with their customers to ensure the digital signage is in the correct location and is presented in the best possible way.

Their digital signage can be used in a whole host of applications, including: promotional purposes, emergency warnings, brand building and directional information.

LED Light Boxes

LED light boxes are an innovative way of illuminating posters. They are eye catching and can transform any premise.  LED light boxes can be used for window displays, decoration or as a partition within a premise.

Fairfield Displays and Lighting offers a range of LED light boxes, including an ultra slim LED light box and a floating LED light box.

Cable Display

Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd were the first company to sell a cable display system in the UK. Their system has been continuously developed over the last 28 years to include innovative display concept.

Their cable display system gives the impression of the object or image is floating mid-air and creates a stunning display. Their system can be used in many different types of ceiling and walls and is extremely strong.

All of their cable displays are manufactured from solid brass and a wide selection of finished are available.

Rod Display

The rod display system is more robust than the cable display system and has all of the same functions.

They can supply the rod system in three different diameters: 3mm, 6mm and 10mm. This system can be fixed back to a wall to create a rigid display. This makes the rod system perfect for busy public areas.

The rod display system has the ability to be fixed to a variety of different ceilings and walls.

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