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If you want to encourage your staff, reward them or celebrate an important deal, a corporate sailing day could be what you are looking for.

Corporate hospitality is offered for any number of guests. A range of different events on the water are available, incorporating shore facilities where appropriate. Whether a single day, or an extended event, our goal is to be versatile and have a practical approach to the use of the broader sailing environment in the corporate world. Our proposals will reflect this.

Outdoor Management Training

We offer outdoor management training using yachts to provide an exhilarating and stimulating management development theme.

The sailing environment encourages cooperation and teamwork, highlights team roles and allows participants to experiment with different leadership styles. It also provides opportunities to tackle personal challenges in unfamiliar situations.

Our supportive and positive courses allow participants to learn new skills and encourage a positive attitude towards learning and development.

We design our outdoor management training to compliment your businesses development programmes, from a one day event, to a senior management development programme. Tasks and reviews focus on your learning objectives and can include areas like leadership, team effectiveness, motivation and self awareness. Tasks can develop a range of management and team competencies.

Team Building

Our team building programs allow people to experience situations and challenges that are demanding and fun. Sailing and the successful completion of the tasks set, both require participants to utilise key team traits like communication, cooperation and trust. Careful design and facilitation ensures participants experience a team building process.

Our team building courses are designed around identified training needs and structured to focus on your objectives. Each course can include theory sessions as required. Post course evaluation will reinforce courses benefits and will assist us in improving subsequent courses for you. 

Skippered Charter

We provide yacht skippers for skippered cruising. Whether you have a totally novice group, or perhaps are an inexperienced skipper needing background support, we are happy to assist with skippered cruising.

Consider taking a qualified skipper onboard and help ease some of the anxiety that can arise. Build up your sailing experience at home in the UK or overseas.  Skippered cruising can be arranged whether considering the use of a charter yacht, or on your own boat. Informal training or RYA certification can be included too.

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