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Height Safety Fall Protection is provided by Fall Protection Solutions.  We specialising in the design, supply and installation of permanent fall protection systems such as horizontal and vertical safety lines, eyebolts and guard rail. Appropriate PPE, end user training and access procedures can be provided by Fall Protection Solutions to ensure our clients are fully equipped to meet their safety at height obligations. A comprehensive testing and inspection service is also provided.

Fall Protection Solutions are accredited under the Safe Contractor Scheme and adhere to stringent site safety procedures.

Roof Access Height Safety Solutions

Fall Protection Solutions can provide safe means of roof access for both new build projects and existing buildings through the design, supply and installation of horizontal safety lines, eyebolts, mono rails, free standing demarcation and guard rail systems. Top fix anchors and free-standing solutions are available for all modern roof types such as standing seam, trapezoidal metal, single ply, felt, zinc and poured roofing systems. Rigid through fixed anchors are also available where required.

Industrial Solar PV

KOR Renewables is a trading name of Fall Protection Solutions Solar PV division.  As an approved company under the Micro-Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) we enable our clients to generate electricity using the suns free energy and to benefit from the feed in tariff.  We partner with some of the most reputable manufactureres of solar PV to provide turnkey solutions to our clients, from design and planning applications to Distribution Network Organiser liaising, structural reviews, installation, monitoring and servicing.

Our panels can be mounted on flat or pitched roofs or even at ground level.  The installation of solar PV on a property will help achieve Building regulation energy performance requirments in the case of a new build development, or in the case of an existing property will help larger organisations meet their Carbon Reduction Commitment or Climate Change Agreement.  Solar PV also makes excellant business sence.  High energy usage companies will benefit from the free electricity as well as being paid for producing it through the feed in tariff and be less laible to purchase carbon credits.

KOR Renewables is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and operates throughout mainland Britain.

Roof Safety Line

Roof mounted horizontal safety lines are recognised as an effective way of safely accessing roofs where occasional access is required for maintenance.  Following a site survey or design review Fall Protection Solutions will specify and quote a system to suit your roof and access requirements.  The Roofsafe Cable system mounted on Spiratec Force Management Anchors can be mounted on almost any roof to provide continuous attachment for the operative.  Energy absorbers inside the post ensure that any loads imposed back to the roof are the lowest of any comparable system.  The posts are designed to ensure the water tightness and insulative properties of the roof are not compromised.  Where possible we will design a system so that it provides restraint access i.e. a fall is not possible.  If a potential for a fall cannot be fully eliminated the system will be designed using the Capital Safety simulation software to ensure fall distances and loads are acceptable. 

Roof safety Fall Arrest Rail

The Roofsafe Rail system is an aluminium monorail which is top fixed or clamped to metal trapezoidal or standing seam roofs to provide continuous restraint or fall arrest anchor protection to operatives for roof access purposes. The rigidity of the rail means it gives increased support and user confidence making it suitable for steeper pitches where the system is likely to be loaded during normal use. Because of the way it effectively spreads the imposed loads it is suitable for clamping to more delicate roofs which otherwise would need to be penetrated such as zinc roofs with folded standing seams. Being formed from anodised aluminium the rail is a more robust system that can withstand more challenging environments.


Fall Protection Solutions demarcation system can be used to provide safe zones on flat roofs where there is no need to go within 2m of an edge. High visibility chain is mounted on powder coated stainless steel open lattice posts mounted to rubber weights manufactured from recycled rubber. Installation is a non-specialist task and the roof is not penetrated. The entire assembly has been tested in a wind tunnel to in excess of 105mph, which means it is suitable to be permanently left in-situ. Safe zone demarcation is suitable for where organised teams are carrying out infrequent maintenance.

Roof Guard Rail

Fall Protection Solutions free standing guard rail provides a convenient form of collective edge protection.  The galvanised steel guard rail comes with recycled rubber counter weights which means no pentration of the roof is required.  The system is suitable for all kinds of flat roofs.  It comes with a high level of adjustability.  The each horizontal rail is connected directly to a post so there are no unsightly joins.  Weights are placed every 5m.

Fixed guard rail systems are also provided where required.

Fall Arrest Ladder Protection

The Easy Climber  system is a highly functional and effective way of protecting operatives on vertical or near vertical fixed ladders. This ladder fall protection system is quickly installed complete with a top access post and anchor where required to ensure ease of safe movement between ladder and roof.  The monkey attachment device is light weight and easy to operate, allowing the operative to climb naturally.  It is highly responsive and will arrest any fall extremely quickly.  Fall Protection Solutions also provide a range of fixed vertical rail systems where preferred.

Overhead Fall Protection

The Uni-8 Overhead system is a tensioned overhead wire that can be connected to via a smooth pulley and fall arrest block to provide fall arrest protection whilst working at height such as on top of modular buildings, caravans, trucks, trains and industrial machinery.  The rigid stainless wire is highly tensioned and can span up to 30m between intermediate brackets.  The special attachment pulley can pass intermediate brackets so allowing continuous attachment.  The fall arrest block may be connected to at ground level by means of a tag cord. 

Working at Height PPE and Rescue

Fall Protection Solutions provides a vast range of working at height PPE such as harnesses and lanyards as well as Rescue equipment to cover all your needs.  The featured ABS3 is a kit which allows rescue from above via the use of a long reaching pole, rescue rope and controlled rate descent lowering device.  We also provide Personal Rescue Devices which are inbuild into the operatives harness.  In the event of being left supended the operative simply pulls the emergency cord and is automatically lowered at a controlled rate to the ground.  All necessary PPE and training is provided to support our installations.

Fall Arrest Eyebolts

The correct specification and installation of eyebolts, otherwise known as single point anchors can be a complicated business.  Experts at Fall Protection Solutions are able to propfessionally specify and install a range of fixed or removable eyebolts to support operations such as window cleaning.  We also offer inspection and maintenance contracts for all fall arrest anchors and related equipment.


We offer very versatile light weight walkways such as the Kee-Walk product.  These walkways provide and safe, level, anti-slip surface for access whilst protecting the roof from damage through foot traffic.

Commercial and Public Sector Solar PV

KOR Renewables is the renewables division of Fall PRotection Solutions specialising in Solar PV for Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, and the public sector in general.  If desired the functional system can be converted into an educational tool or demonstration of your organisations green commitment through a real time display of the Solar PV output placed in a public area.

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