SKF bearing type 6203 is a deep groove ball bearings, single row, seal. Diameter Of SKF 6203 Bearings Outer diameter(OD): 40mm Inner diameter(ID):       17mm Thickness(B): 12mm.mainly used in casting equipment, vertical pumps, combination machine tools, electronic product manufacturing equipment, shell and tube heat exchanger, feed processing equipment, driving, no leakage of pump and elution dual-use laminating machine, chemical machine, rubber mixing equipment, plastic welding machine, coating equipment, dust removal equipment, coking equipment, copper smelting, medicine mixing equipment, injection molding machine, car muffler natural draft cooling tower, calender, renewable crusher, hand wheel, low noise type cooling tower, extruding equipment, drying curing equipment, CVT machine, permanent magnetic chuck, shoes machine, electronic components, material testing machine, etc.

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