At FANUC UK, we specialise in supplying industrial automation solutions and industrial robots. Our innovative products range from CNC controllers, machining centres, EDM and injection moulding machines through to the complete integration of factory automation systems.

Our three core businesses comprise of the following:

  • CNC - controllers, motors and drives
  • Robotics - industrial robots and systems
  • Robomachines - EDM, injection moulding, drilling machines


Our FANUC CNC business specialises in the manufacture of CNC controls, laser systems and drive systems. With over half the market share in worldwide CNC control sector, we are the market leader.

Combining powerful control and high precision with unparalleled reliability allows FANUC CNC control to be utilised in a vast range of applications. Our servo drives and motors offer the widest range of high performance compact designs.

FANUC Robotics

We manufacture the world's widest range of robots, from micro electronics assembly to precision aerofoil forging for jet engines. We cater for a broad variety of specialist industries from our robotic business.

Our robots are built to be flexible, and application specific with straight forward operation and currently over 280,000 of our robots are operating worldwide to meet many production demands.

FANUC Robomachine

Robodrill machining centres, Roboshot electric injection moulding machines and Robocut EDM machines are all manufactured at our Robomachine business. We use our own components to build on the reliable, energy efficient, and technically advanced innovations of our own drives, motors and controllers.

Having developed the first all electric injection moulding machines, at Robomachine, we have contributed to changing the mould shop into a much cleaner and quieter environment through a dedicated focus on high reliability and energy efficiency.

Customer Support

We provide a complete customer support service from initial concepts right through the life span of the product so you can rest assured support is always at hand to assist you with:

  • Up to date advice
  • Genuine warranted parts
  • Obsolescence avoidance solutions

Our committed customer support team is committed to supply you with tailored solutions to ensure lifetime delivery of maximum efficiency.

FANUC Corporation

The FANUC corporation is a global leading manufacturer of factory automation (FA) robots and robomachines.

We have extensively contributed to the automation of machine tools as a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control equipment.

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