FANUC UK Ltd (Robomachine Division)


At Fanuc, our wood, marble and glass machines have been developed to address your requirements including single or full batch manufacture. We us a standalone office PC for CNC control and ethernet connectivity to provide online upgrades, monitoring and support. Our wood, marble and glass machines have been designed to increase productivity, performance and reliability. 

The benefits of our systems include:

  • More than 2,000,000 CNCs installed worldwide
  • Highest reliability in the CNC market
  • Machine up-time maximised with standard components
  • ‘Open’ CNC system enables customised machine designs
  • Advanced 5-Axis-machining capabilities
  • More precision and faster machining times
  • Integration of easy-to-use Operation Software
  • Ethernet connectivity


One of our key markets is the automotive industry. We provide products, solutions and services for all areas within automotive manufacturing including powertrain (engines and transmissions), mechanical parts production, assembly as well as servo-press lines.

The automotive industry is considered a pioneer in modern production technology with the main focus being on quality and costs. We use automation concepts for transfer lines and machining cells that is based on our high standard CNC technology with the minimum use of PC-based technology. We pride ourselves on providing reliability, easy maintenance, quick service and cost-efficient operation.



We provide customization, accuracy and flexibility to remain viable in today’s aerospace industry. We have vast experience in developing applications for manufacturers to produce a high-value / low-volume products for ever-shifting markets. We pride ourselves in being able to help our aerospace customers to make parts better, faster and at a reduced cost.

As the aerospace industry is evolving, it is using increasing innovative materials and technologies, making more complex parts and applications. We are developing solutions for these complex machines and are introducing a whole range of innovative solutions for 5-Axis machining. We are proposing advanced interpolation functions or networked communications to host or CAD systems.


Presses & Forming

We provide advanced presses & forming applications with servomotors with rated torques of up to 3000Nm. These are designed to protect tools and are effective, clean, quiet and achieve increased levels of flexibility. Our presses & forming machines use new servomotors that open up a whole new realm of feasible drive options which also enhance the performance of the machine. The end user will profit from the increased flexibility in the pressing process with smooth start-up options to improve quality, reduce the noise level and protect tools.

Presses & Forming

Service & Support

We provide service & support to influence the productivity of machine tools. Our service & support staff are highly skilled and trained specialists who will assist you in improving the output of your machines.

The benefits include:

  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Increase up-time
  • Get best FANUC trained technical support
  • Guaranteed original parts
  • Full warranty on work carried out
  • Get support for all your FANUC CNC and Laser products
  • Retrofit your current controls
  • Optimize your existing FANUC controls
  • Train your operators and maintenance staff
  • Learn and implement the latest CNC technology
Service & Support

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