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Check sieving is the most common form of sieving, a process where a product is passed through a mesh to determine two fractions, oversizes and fines. Check sieves are used by food producers and as an essential industry requirement.

Our range of check sieves is extensive:

  • Sievmaster 200 - S artisan sieve
  • Sievmaster 500 - S bakery sieve
  • Sievmaster Sacktipping Stations
  • Sievmaster Rota Series]

We are an ISO9001 accredited company.

Linear Screeners

Linear screeners are used to dedust or dewater materials and the most effective method is via a flat rectangular screener.

Our linear screeners have a gentle but powerful action so the product is not damaged but still achieves a superior liquid or dust-free product.

Rotary Sifters

Rotary sifters are used for when you require a screened product at a very high throughput rate.

These rotary shifters are non vibratory and consist of an auger-type feed section for the input of powders into a helical paddle assembly. This powder is then pushed through a cylindrical mesh basket.

Grading Seperators

Another common process for sieving is grading where products are separated into different sizes using grading separators. As it is an essential process in many industries, we supply grading separators suitable for a variety of requirements and applications.

Units include:

  • Sievmaster Multiscreen Separator
  • Sievmaster 700 - ST
  • Sievmaster Segregator range
  • Vipower / BM & M gyratory screeners

Gyratory Screeners

Gyratory screeners are used in the recycling and aggregate industries and are applied to grade materials such as wood chip or rubber crumb.

Our gyratory screeners range is particularly versatile and we can provide you with a solution for any sized application no matter how large it may be.

Laboratory Sieves

Determining micron particle sizes in laboratory samples is carried out and analysed by using laboratory sieves.

Our laboratory sieves produce an exact breakdown of particle size as the mesh on these sieves is woven to a very high tolerance and is fully certified. All of our products and services are produced and supplied to a ISO9001 standard as we are ISO9001 accreditied.

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