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Whether Car Finance or Car Leasing, Vehicle Finance or Vehicle Leasing, Fastracker has many years of experience in sourcing both the finance, and the vehicle that is correct for you the Client. We have the strong financial base that enables us to purchase vehicles on behalf of Clients, arrange the desired funding for Clients, and at the same time assist with the disposal of an existing vehicle. Whether it is the small delivery van, the large lorry, the town car or the luxury car; we have the knowledge, the contacts, the resources and the experience to make the process as smooth and as simple as possible for you the Client.

Brand New UK Supplied Cars

The simplest way of funding a car or van is often through Contract Hire, either Personal or Business. By using Contract Hire you know that the total cost of the finance for the vehicle is fixed for the term, 2, 3 or 4 years. Maintenance can also be included as a fixed monthly cost. At the end of the term there is no further commitment or liability and the vehicle is collected by the funder allowing you to forward plan a new contract for a new vehicle. A Personal (or Company) Contract Purchase (PCP) is a variation whereby the value of the vehicle at the end of the term is fixed at the start of the contract. This gives you the option of refinancing and keeping the vehicle at the end of the contract, or letting the funder collect the vehicle as with Contract Hire.

Brand New UK Supplied Cars

Commercial Vehicles

A Finance Loan is usually better suited to higher value cars and commercial vehicles where the residual value is either greater, or you need to generate residual value to fund the deposit for the next replacement vehicle. A balloon figure can normally be incorporated, if required, to help to bring the repayments in line with your monthly budget. The term can be up to 5 years, you then have the benefit of the vehicle after paying or refinancing any balloon figure that you may have accepted.

Commercial Vehicles

Fastracker Car Finance

Most items of equipment in normal use within the business or industrial environment may be obtained through leasing or hire purchase. Equipment can cost as little as a few hundred pounds, or more than £100 million in the case of some major industrial plant.

Some typical items are listed below
  • Plant and machinery
  • Business & Personal Cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Hotel Equipment
  • Portacabins
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Computers, including software packages
  • Office equipment

So why choose Fastracker for your finance?

  • Competitive quotes
  • Flexible repayments
  • Existing bank facilities are not affected
  • Credit line facilities
  • Fast and efficient turnaround
  • No call centres
  • Simple, hassle free finance
  • The list goes on... contact us for your specific request.
Fastracker Car Finance


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Used Car Finance

Here at Fastracker we are experienced in helping customers to arrange Used Car Finance. Either you contact us with details of the car that you are looking to purchase or we will help you to find a suitable Quality Used Car from our network of approved used cars.

Used Car Finance
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