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Frost floor drains and Shower drains, including drainage grates and drainage gullies and manufactured from stainless steel, nickel bronze or ductile iron grates and cast iron bodies for durability and reliability.

Available in square or round formats, our wide range of products are designed to allow threaded adjustment to the drain top to achieve the correct finished floor height for all common varieties of floor finish. Increased degrees of adjustment to suit thicker floors can be achieved with extension pieces and spigot adaptors

Each complete assembly consists of a grating, drainage body and where applicable, membrane clamps, deck clamps and extensions as required. Please visit www.frostdrainage.com for further information.

Our entire range of floor drains (together with the roof drains and rodding eyes) feature only ten basic bodies to ensure product economy and flexibility.

Greater economy can be achieved where no drainage body is required by using our direct connection gratings.

As an integral part of the floor it is vital gratings and assemblies withstand all anticipated loads. Our website shows the load rating class for each grating, cover or gully assembly based on BS EN 1253, as follows :

Loading K3 (Pedestrian Only)
Areas for foot traffic only, such as washrooms, shower areas, hotels, schools, museums, retail centres, swimming baths, leisure centres, balconies, terraces and roof gardens.

Loading L15 (Light Industrial)
Areas with light vehicular traffic such as cycle ways and domestic drives.

Loading M125 (Heavy Industrial)
Areas with vehicular traffic, such as car parks, factories, warehouses and workshops.

Please contact FC Frost Ltd on 01376 329 111 or technical@frostdrainage.com for guidance or got o the Product Configurator on the website.

International Standards

Satin Nickel Bronze and Polished Nickel Bronze to BS1400:

Stainless Steel to BS EN 10088-1:2005 Grade 1.4301 (304) or Grade 1.4401 (316) if specified

Ductile Iron to BS EN 1563 & 1564 Cast with the ductility of steel and more than doubling the tensile strength of cast iron.

Roof Drains

Frost roof drains are designed for "warm roofs" (insulation below the membrane), "inverted roofs" (insulation above the membrane), "cold roofs" (no insulation) and parapet and balcony locations.

The roof drains are available with ductile iron flat grates, polycarbonate domes or aluminium domes with durable, cast iron bodies.

Options include gravel/ballst guards, spigot adaptors, sediment buckets, height extensions, bearing pans and under-deck clamps.

Roof outlets are not multi-purpose and products are designed for use with the specific type of roof construction. Please see our website at www.frostdrainage.com for more information.

The depth of structural slab, thickness and location of insulation and the type and location of waterproof membrane are factors to consider at the outset of any drainage selection.

For technical advice please email our technical team at technical@frostdrainage.com or see our Product Configurator on the website.

Roof Drains

Rodding Eyes

Frost Rodding Eyes utilise a single seal for external locations and a triple seal system for internal locations, please visit www.frostdrainage.com.

Manufactured from stainless steel to EN 10088-1:2005 Grade 1.4301 (304) or Grade 1.4401 (316) if specified or nickel bronze to BS 1400 in either round or square formats.

Frost rodding eyes are suitable for screed, tiled, or vinyl floor finishes. For technical advice please email technical@frostdrainage.com.
Options available include spigot adaptors, and membrane clamps.

More economy can be achieved where no drainage body is required by using our direct connection rodding eyes.

Rodding Eyes

Grease Separators

Why Separators Are Necessary
The purpose of a grease separator is to keep drains clean and free running avoiding blockages, smells and commercial expense and disruption. Grease, fats and oils discharged into the drainage system from food preparation, commercial food processing and general catering operations quickly blocks pipes.

How Separtors Work (Separation and Natural Enzyme Digestion)
Grease separators physically extract grease and oil from the waste water stream using a baffle filter, causing those elements to float to the surface and form a layer.

Biomatic (natural) bacteria digest the waste layer and convert it to an environmentally safe solution which will pass freely downstream and safely into the main sewerage system. Please contact our technical office at technical@frostdrainage.com for design advice.

Where Separators Are Used
Separators form part of a system and used together with an automatic, programmable dosing unit and liquid Biomatic enzyme provide a permanent solution.

Applications include both existing and new facilities such as restaurants, canteens, hotels, hospitals, as well as commercial premises where food products are cooked, processed or prepared.

Types Of Separators
Frost separator products include a standard range of separators from 50 Litres to 300 Litres capacity. Larger sizes are made to order up to several thousand litres. All Frost separators are made from Grade 304 stainless steel with an airtight access cover, removable inner baffle filter and a roddable deep-seal outlet trap. All products can also be manufactured in Grade 316 stainless steel.

Please visit www.frostdrainage.com for more information.

Grease Separators
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