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Feedwater Ltd is a UK based water treatment company, with roots in Boiler water treatment as the name suggests, Feedwater has grown over the last 35-40 years to become a well known name in all aspects of water treatment, from Boiler and Cooling treatment Feedwater are also the inventors of the Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide dosing system. Activ-Ox is a revolutionary method of clo2 creation, Safe, Highly efficient and very Simple. Feedwater is also a founder member of the Legionella Control Association and remains a centre of excellence for Legionella testing with services in Legionella Risk Assessments and Legionella control. Feedwater frequently throughout the year provides Legionella training courses in legionella awareness to help support clients wanting to train staff and others.

As well as this Feedwater formulate and manufacture all their own chemicals and offer their services for toll blend and own label chemicals to water treatment service companies as well as other companies in need of chemical blending services.

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Boiler Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

Legionella Control Services

Feedwater helped to found the UK Legionella Control Association and remain heavily involved in the organisation, because of our close relationship Feedwater ensures the highest quality of services for Legionella care and prevention. HSE regulations suggest a Legionella Risk Assessment should be performed every two years or sooner if there is reason to believe the previous is no longer up to date, Feedwater has a professional team of assessors who can give you a comprehensive yet concise report to help you understand fully what you action you should take.

Our Legionella control services can help you prevent the risk of outbreak from high risk water systems such as cooling towers and water storage tanks with cleaning and disinfection programs, be sure to check out our Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide system for safe and effective on going disinfection.

If you need tests performed on your water for legionella Feedwater's in-house legionella testing laboratory is a centre for excellence being the only UKAS accredited lab part of a water treatment company in the UK.

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Legionella Testing

Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella Control Services

Chlorine Dioxide water treatment

Feedwater Ltd are the inventors and manufacturers for the Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide dosing system. Activ-Ox unlike competitor systems produces chlorine dioxide in solution without the need for lengthy generation periods with hazardous gas stored in reaction chambers. Our simple and instant method is much safer and cost effective meaning our dosing unit and chemicals are alot cheaper. Without the need for an experienced operator the Activ-Ox unit is suited much better to a greater number of applications from offices and domestic systems to daries, breweries and large industrial applications.

The dosing systems come in three sizes the 2000 compact suitable for treating from 0 - 100m3 per day, the 3000 standard unit for up to 500m3 a day and the larger 4000 Major unit which can handle up to and exceeding 5000m3 per day.

To find out more about the Activ-Ox dosing system and the chemisty which can even be activated by lemonade visit our website and watch the demonstration video here: Chlorine Dioxide.

Information on the dosing units them selves can be found here: Dosing units.

Chlorine Dioxide water treatment
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