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Its what every good company does well - the best make it appear seamless, the worst make it difficult both for its employees and its customers. At Felltech we excel at communication - its part of our culture - in our products, our services, our business.



Sometimes confusing, often misused, almost always over-hyped and quickly out of date. Finding the right blend in the myriad of todays technology is our business. We provide solutions with longevity, not obscurity. 



Whether its hardware, software or a cable that connects the two, it has to be there when you need it most. We provide quality at the right price, all of our solutions are based on tried and tested systems. And we back them up with peace of mind support.


Outbox SMS

Felltech, an innovator in telecommunications software, has today announced the launch of its ‘OutboxSMS’ SMS Gateway server. A rack mounted appliance that sits inside the firewall, OutboxSMS allows organisations and businesses to fully utilise SMS as a means to communicate with customers, employees and partners, by integrating SMS with existing email communications.

By connecting to a LAN, OutboxSMS enables individuals inside businesses to send SMS messages by email so that time sensitive, urgent, confidential or other types of alerts and messages can be sent to customers, key workers or wider distribution lists. The appliance also allows replies to the SMS messages it sends to be routed back to the sender’s email, so that these can be noted and correspondence continued as appropriate. Because OutboxSMS operates from inside the firewall, it provides better security and control, as well as reduced running costs, than using an SMS service provider.

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Outbox SMS

SMS Gateway

A complete self-contained SMS messaging solution. No messing about, it installs in under 30 minutes. The simplest, most direct, and cheapest way to provide SMS messaging in your company. 
OutboxSMS Benefits

  • Saves message costs

   Unlimited SMS messages using fixed price SIM card

  • Saves money & time

 No postage and no time lost making calls

  • Control & flexibility

 No reliance on 3rd party service provider

  • Plug and play installation

 No need for specialised IT person,  links direct to your email system

  • 2-way communications

 SMS responses by email to your inbox

  • Programming API

 Link to your in-house software

  • Pager interface

 Integrate with your existing paging system 

SMS Gateway

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