Fenland Fire Contracts Ltd


We are experienced manufacturers of fire protection ductwork. Using our clients' working drawings, we manufacture the ductwork to exacting specifications. Our fire protection ductwork can be supplied to your site with all necessary sealants and gasket materials. It can be built ready for installation by others, or by our expert technicians.

Fire Protect Ductwork Supply and Installation

We produce manufacturing drawings of fire-rated ductwork systems from site dimensions. Following our design process, we construct the fire protection ductwork, deliver it to your site, and install the product. After completion the installation of our fire protection ductwork is inspected, we will provide you a Certificate of Conformity.

Fire Rated Ductwork

Fenland Fire Contracts was formed in 1996 to manufacture fire-stopping and insulation solutions within the ductwork industry.

Through our experience, we have come to produce an alternative fire-rated ductwork system.  We manufacture fire-rated ductwork when tendering for conventional galvanised steel ductwork projects.

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