Ferdinand Stükerjürgen GmbH & Co.KG


With a high level of expertise and creativity, the Ferdinand Stükerjürgen family company has manufactured components made of various thermoplastics using different methods since 1967.

With great dedication, inventiveness and the willingness to go new ways, the company develops and manufactures solutions and products for the future. The corporate philosophy is based on a sophisticated full-service solution. Therefore, the company has a high degree of production depth and offers: - consulting - development - CAD / CAM - prototypes - own material compounding - own tool construction - injection components - extrusion profiles (mono, co- and tri-extrusion) - vacuum thermoformed parts - injection moulded parts and extruded profiles made of silicone - component production - state-of-the-art processing centre - own paint shop

It is a leader in the production of extruded profiles made of rigid PVC foam and manufactures in small to medium batch sizes. The production of components made of standard plastics is as important as the production of engineering plastics such as PEI, PEEK, PSU, PPS, etc.

The quality management system is certified according to DIN EN 9100-2003.

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