Ferrus Power (now Stadium Power)

Ferrus Power Ltd. ,established since 1988, are the leading manufacturer of custom switchmode power supplies within the UK with applications including medical, industrial, telecommunications and instrumentation.

Design and Manufacture :

Providing AC-DC and DC-DC converters approximately 90% of our power supplies are bespoke design to customer specification. Power levels currently range from 15W to 1.5kW with higher power currently in development. Formats include open pcb, open frame, fully enclosed and rack mounting eurocassette power supplies. In addition, where a complete custom power supply is not required, we are able to offer variations of existing designs to suit many applications from our extensive range already developed.

Manufacture is carried out within our 6000 sqft UL and ISO approved factory at Peterborough with all power supplies undergoing rigorous testing via our test department utilising the latest ATE and optical inspection equipment available.

Design topologies employed are of conventional hard switching to the latest available typically utilising zvt or synchronous rectification and all new designs employ high density SMD format.

Quality Assurance :

Quality assurance of our power supplies is assured by means of factory certification to BS EN ISO9001 : 2000. In addition all products are designed and approved where necessary to meet the relevant international safety standards applicable to the application.

Exports :

USA, Europe

Power supply repairs service :

In addition to manufacture we offer a comprehensive power supply repair service for any switchmode power supply. Evaluation of your failed product is free of charge with no obligation. Once serviced all power supplies undergo rigorous functional testing via our specialist test equipment.

Our service engineers not only have at their disposal the technical expertise of our design team, but also specialist equipment as used within the design process to ensure that the highest level of reliability is obtained from the serviced product.
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