FibreCONVERTER is a Business Operating Division of a leading UK Telecoms Equipment Manufacturer, dedicated to the supply of low-cost, interchangeable ‘plug-in’ Transceivers for Data Communications products including Switches, Routers, Workstations and Servers from all major manufacturers. FibreCONVERTER sells a wide variety of Transceivers in the most popular industry-standard ‘SFP’, ‘SFP+’ and ‘XFP’ formats, compatible with the major equipment vendors’ expensive ‘own-brand’ products.

Based near London’s Heathrow Airport, FibreCONVERTER supplies customers throughout the UK and worldwide. Customers include Telecoms Service Providers, Corporate Enterprises of all sizes, and Local/Central Government organisations. FibreCONVERTER’s parent company has a proud track-record, having been in the business of supplying Networking and Communications solutions for 25 years.

FibreCONVERTER staff are specialists in Interface Matching for Networking and Communications products, and have experience in protocols including Ethernet, PDH/SDH, Serial, ATM and, most importantly, all aspects of Fibre Communications, including Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM and DWDM). FibreCONVERTER uses its technical expertise and long experience to present a product range offering both high functionality and wide compatibility, on behalf of its customers.

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