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Field Recruitment Ltd are the leading supplier of Administration staff in Swindon and Wiltshire. Offering Administration recruitment services for over 35 years supplying SME through to blue chip companies.

Field Recruitment Ltd have broad experience in recruiting administrators at all levels from the more basic posts such as filing and data entry to more senior roles such as project administrators and business analysts. 

Call Centre Recruitment

Field Recruitment Ltd is Swindon’s leading agency for the recruitment of contact centre and call centre professionals. Our consultants recruit for a wide range of roles including: call centre managers, call centre trainers, customer service representatives, customer service team leaders, inbound and outbound sales representatives, inbound and outbound sales team leaders, telesales representatives, telesales team leaders and workforce analysts, planners and managers.

Industrial Recruitment

Field Recruitment Ltd is one of Swindon’s largest recruiters of warehouse operatives. Our consultants supply for a wide range of roles including: pickers and packers, store man, forklift truck drivers, health and safety, quality control, maintenance, shift leaders, shift supervisor, shift managers, warehouse managers and administrators.

Engineering Recruitment

Field Recruitment Ltd is a constant and consistent supplier of high calibre of engineering personnel. Our consultants recruit for a wide range of roles including: electrical, mechanical, computing, CAD, CNC, management, shift leaders, shift supervisors and quality control. We also can test our candidate’s dexterity, English and Maths and we can also adapt to any other requirement required for our candidates for your benefit.

Free Job Posting

Field Recruitment’s free job posting and candidate sourcing service allows you to keep control of your recruitment process by putting you in charge. Once you have registered and created a live job posting you will be able to manage the whole process yourself from a dedicated on-line dashboard, also to ensure that you never miss out on potentially suitable candidates all CV's are also sent direct to your inbox.

To create an account and post your jobs follow the link: and click “Get Started” at the bottom of the page.  The whole process only takes minutes to complete.

Free Job Posting

Candidate Skills Testing and Assessment

Due to their significant benefits, skills tests are becoming increasingly popular and with the vast amount of tests available are now considered an essential part of any recruitment campaign as they can eliminate some of the guesswork often employed in hiring decisions. A skills test will weed out unqualified applicants and distinguish the truly talented. As a result, you will be able to eliminate unqualified applicants, identify the high quality applicants and determine who has average skills.

The main benefits of Field Recruitment’s Skills testing services include-

  • In-depth analysis to identify most relevant candidates
  • Identifies the need for additional training or support
  • Tests can be directly emailed to the candidate with results emailed to the client
  • Can analyse suitability for promotion of internal employees

Field Recruitment can tailor a skills test to ensure optimum results for specific roles or industry sectors giving you peace of mind that every applicant that you interview is absolutely relevant for the job in hand.

Field Recruitment’s skills testing services can also be used for internal purposes. A skills test can identify employees that have the potential to be the company’s future stars, or it can identify a need for additional training.

Your Account Manager will be on hand to suggest skills tests for specific vacancies to ensure you get the most out of your recruitment process.

With over a 1000 tests on offer we can test your candidates or employees on everything from Microsoft Applications to job specific tests in areas such as Finance, Sales, Nursing, Engineering, Secretarial and many more.  View full range of skills test available.

Proven Test Validity- Tests are designed by subject-matter experts; ensuring all content is relevant and up to date. 

Versatile Question Sets- Each test contains questions for basic, intermediate and advanced skill levels; allowing you to verify depth of knowledge with a single assessment.  

International Language Tests- Microsoft Office tests are available in Spanish, French, Italian and many more.

Accessibility - All assessments are completed via the internet- setting up a test for employees around the world couldn’t be easier.

Improved Screening Process- Can save companies thousands by not hiring the wrong person.

Sample Tests
A sample test is available to give you an understanding of whether or not the difficulty and type of questions are what’s needed. 

Order Skills Tests
To order a sample test and to purchase test(s) please contact Field Recruitment on 01793 777508.  One of our consultants will be happy to take your order or advise you as to the most suitable test(s) based on your testing and assessment requirements.

Pre-employment Screening

Field Recruitment believes that it is critical to include risk management in to your recruitment process. With our comprehensive pre-employment screening service you are able to systematically check the vital personal and professional facts of any applicant, helping you to make an informed decision on whom to hire. 

“A recent study by a leading background checking organisation found that one in 5 applicants have a major lie or discrepancy on their application.”

The benefits of implementing screening and background checking into your recruitment process are very significant and include but not limited to; 

  • Fewer bad hires; Saves Time & money on training resources
  • Less fraudulent activity; Saves money and security resources
  • Reduction in employee turnover; Saves time & money within HR, Recruitment and Training
  • Safer Workplace; Minimal disruption and increases moral

We are able to reference between 1-5 years’ worth of employment or academic references and employment gaps of more than 2 months:-

  • Current Employer Check    
  • Education/Professional Qualification Check    
  • Financial History, ID and Address Verification    
  • Personal References Check    
  • Previous Employment Checks

Temporary Recruitment Services

Whether you are looking for a single temporary worker for a couple of days or looking to recruit a whole seasonal workforce; Field Recruitment has the knowledge and resources to assist with any type of temporary assignment, short term or long term. 

Field Recruitment has been assisting companies with their temporary assignments since its inception in 1974; that’s nearly 40 years of perfecting our processes to ensure you receive the best service possible. 

We have a team of qualified and highly trained temporary consultants and administrators that register skilled and un-skilled candidates on a consistent basis, allowing you to utilise our services at very short notice. 

Field Recruitment understands there are multiple reasons as to why an organisation would need temporary workers and we are able to assist for all eventualities. So if any of the below sound familiar or if you would like to find out if Temporary recruitment is suitable for your organisation, give us a call on 01793 640204. 

Corporate Recruitment Services

Field Recruitment can offer you any recruitment solution, from one-off placements, preferred supply, sole supply to a full Managed Agency solution. 

Our Managed Services team aims to help clients reduce cost and improve efficiency with a closer working relationship between hiring managers, recruitment teams and the HR Managers. 

We can offer an on-site support service and we will work with your teams, providing advice, guidance and ultimately the best candidates. A Managed solution often allows peace of mind, knowing that you have a dedicated team scouring their networks to deliver high quality recruitment solutions that meet your needs.

  • Demand planning
  • Talent attraction and pipelining
  • Selection and assessment
  • Offer management
  • Contract generation and on-boarding
  • Insightful and meaningful management information
  • Benchmarking and Market Analysis
  • Robust processes in place to ensure compliance and eligibility of workers
  • CV sourcing
  • Pre Screening
  • Skills testing
  • Competency based interview

Benefits include:

  • Cost reduction and improved compliance
  • Reduced recruitment risk and staff attrition by auditable vetting procedures
  • Increased speed to hire
  • Service consistency and standardisation
  • Increased control for the client through one point of contact
  • Consistent and visible management information
  • Encourages local and central relationships
  • Consolidation of billing and invoicing
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