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Like a perfect partner M-Files works with you every day giving you access to your information. From day one you see how easy it is to live with and use. See how quickly it is adopted with little or no training – avoiding one of the major reasons for systems failure that of poor user acceptance - not with M-Files.

Why Look at M-Files?

Why look at M-Files? Because it can resolve a paradox - people are resistant to change but organisations that don't change and evolve will die. M-Files makes the changes as painless as can be, people see the immediate benefits and the organisation benefits hugely by increases in quality and productivity. Try it and see as thousands have done before.

You'll be in Good Company!

If you try M-Files then you will be in good company. Small organisations can better project themselves, large organisations can collaborate more effectively and improve productivity - go to the website to download a trial copy today or book a demo to see why thousands use M-Files daily.

Transform the way you do business.

Transform the way you do business, streamline processes and automate procedures by using M-Files’ powerful graphical workflow. Become more productive by using the true power of computing rather than trying to replicate manual folder-based filing systems.

M-Files’ dynamic metadata approach dispenses with traditional folders letting you organise and find information by what it is rather than where it resides. You no longer have the frustration of a document filed in the wrong folder being hidden in plain sight! Ensure you are looking at up-to-date documents with automatic version control and full activity audits.

Great Value for Money

The first thing you're probably asking yourself is why are there no prices on this page? M-Files licence costs are extremely competitive but licences are only part of the picture. You also have to factor in the cost of migrating from your existing system (whether outdated system or shared drive), integration and training.

This is why M-Files represent such good value for money. There are freely available tools to help migration, most integration requires no programming and training is negligible because M-Files is so intuitive.

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