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- using a vertical tower system to minimise use of ground space this system uses a wood mulch process that requires minimum maintenance and running cost, benefitting the environment as well as reducing complaints from local residents and other business due to odours

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Biological Odour Control System

- deals with odours from most processes including waste water treatment facilities, landfill and waste disposal sites, food processing, manufacturing processes, farms and animal sheds etc. through the use of an environmentally friendly system. Companies with systems currently installed include CEGELEC and Veolia.

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Filter Bags

– for use in dust & fume extraction systems using a wide range of materials, manufactured to suit most extraction systems including pulse jet, shaker, cartridge, or reverse-air flow style filter bags with minimal lead-time using. needle felts, woven fabrics, woven glass and Seamless Tube® medias. We can also organise bag changes, maintenance contracts and consultancy on appropriate remedial action for problem filters

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Cartridge Filters

–   eequivalent filter cartridges for all makes of replacement air filters, in addition to the supply of filter cartridges we can also offer an accurate study of a customer’s exact needs,  customised installation and a maintenance service

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Filter Cages

– stainless steel and mild steel filter bag support cages to suit all makes of filter unit, from small replacement orders to new and complete unit change. High quality rigid wire cages for use in most industrial baghouses. Our cages are constructed using the highest quality materials and are manufactured in compliance with ISO standards, offering the maximum durability and filter bag support.

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Panel Filters

- to suit most venting and clean air applications and EU grades, pleated, glass or pad type. Promoting clean air standards in the work place by providing solutions to all air filtration problems.

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Multipocket Filter Elements

– manufactured to suit most dust & fume extraction systems, including elements to suit DCE, Airmaster, DEI and most other unit types.

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Consultancy and Maintenance

– we can offer and individual service to either assist in the current maintenance of most filter systems, as well as a consultancy service to assist customers in dust, fume and wet applications to:

  • Improve filter efficiency
  • Advise on replacement and new filter systems
  • Problem solving associated with dust & fume extraction
  • Through extensive contacts put you in touch with companies that can solve specific problems 

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