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We stock and supply filtration housing systems in the Hippo range, which removes both solid and water contaminants from a range of oils and fuels. Harmful contaminant within oil at the highest standard is sub 5 micron particles, which is known to be the most abrasive.

Hippo filters can remove harmful solid contaminants reducing to less than 1 micron.

Oil Filtration

Filtertechnik design and manufacture an extensive range of filtration systems, designed to meet the stringent demands of modern industry.

  • Filtration Systems (standard series)
  • Fuel & oil Purification Systems
  • WVO Systems
  • Separation & Coalesing Systems
  • Water Removal Systems

All systems are designed using rugged, compatible components, suitable for each particular fluid type. Most standard filtration systems are available from stock or with short lead-times.

Oil Filtration

Fuel Contamination

Filtertechnik specialise in cleaning up diesel or biodiesel. We have products and expertise in both particulate and water removal. Large quantities of particulate, free water or dissolved water can be eliminated cost effectively. We supply filter bodies and elements as well as small and large scale cleanup rigs from 10 litres/min up to 1000 litres/min.
Common problems

  • Blocked engine filters
  • Sluggish engine performance
  • Water in fuels
  • Microbial growth in fuel (Diesel bug)
  • Damaged injectors
  • Tank corrosion
  • Pump failure
Fuel Contamination

Process Filtration

We are one of the leading suppliers in Europe for cartridge filters. We aim to supply the most optimum systems for a range of applications.

Our engineering and experts have made us leading suppliers of bag filters and cartridges. All of our process filtration products and standard products are designed to meet the latest European pressure equipment standards.

Process Filtration

Quality Control and Instrumentation

We strive to obtain a rigid quality control and instrumentation service so we can produce a high professional standard.

Quality Control and Instrumentation

Clearance Zone

We have a range of clearance stock for:

  • Hydac
  • Pall
  • Stauff
  • Parker
  • Schroeder

If you're interested in viewing our clearance zone just visit our website and give us a call, we are happy to help.

Clearance Zone

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Fuel Filtration Products

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Hippo Filter UK

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