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We aim to help you with sourcing your global PCB solutions.  We can provide a range of PCBs from the Asia. We provide a one-stop shop for rigid PCB. We are also a rigid-flex PCB supplier , and will cater for high mix, low to medium volume with a quick turnaround.

As a quality rigid-flex PCB supplier, we can provide rigid PCB 1-36 layers or rigid-flex PCB 2-12 layers as well as flexible PCB 1- 10 layers as well.

Metal Core PCB

We can provide a comprehensive range of metal core PCB.

If you are looking for a metal core PCB solution, please see our website for more detail.

Flexible PCB

We are able to source and supply all your flexible PCB requirements. If looking for flexible PCB, please visit our website for further information on our flexible PCB range.

Printed Circuit Boards

We have a comprehensive range of Printed Circuit Boards sourced from Asia. Whatever your PCBs needs, we can help.

We provide Printed Circuit Boards in high mix, low to high volume with a quick turnaround. Service is our speciality.

Engineering System

We have an engineering system known as Genesis 2000 CAM. We use it to analyse each type of board.

By using an automatic CAM program and all-round gerber file, we can meet your diverse needs. Our engineering system has a unique NETLIST program. It is able to compare the differences between working gerber and original gerber to reduce the artificial negligence.

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