Finder plc


Finder PLC is the UK subsidiary of Finder SpA, Europe's largest independent manufacturer of relays, timers, sockets and accessories. With subsidiaries and agents throughout the world Finder is represented in all industrialized markets.

The extensive Finder relay range includes sub-miniature PCB types for signal and power switching, plug-in general purpose and interface relays and heavy duty chassis mounting devices with Faston connectors.

A comprehensive range of timers comprising 35mm rail mounting, plug-in and modular types are available as multi function, multi voltage and multi range styles or dedicated specific function types.

Finder also manufactures a wide range of sockets for PCB, chassis and rail mounting, together with plug-in indication and suppression modules to support it's relay and timer products.


Finder is Europe's leading manufacturer of plug-in relays and associated sockets.  Finder's relay range extends from subminiature PCB DIL relays designed to switch up to 2A and 125VAC, through ranges of industry standard plug-in styles and solid state relays, to PCB and chassis mounting types capable of handling loads of 30A at 250VAC.


Finder's extensive offering of relay interface modules includes slim, 6.2mm wide, single pole electromechanical and solid state styles.  Many equipped with additional features such as fused outputs, time delay functions, leakage current suppression circuitry or multiple commoning link positions particularly suited to plc inputs and output interfacing.  Other models in the range include 2, 3 and 4 pole types in a variety of styles, all with retain/release clips, LED supply status indication and EMC coil suppression.


Finder produce single and multifunction plug-in and 35mm rail mounting delay timers for a host of applications including: On, Off, Fixed Pulse, Recycling and Star Delta changeover.  With operating voltages from 12 to 240V AC/DC and time delays from 0.05 seconds to 100 hours, a high level of flexibility is offered to the user.  Other products in this category serve to monitor supply voltage, current and phase asymmetry.  control the level of conductive liquids, measure and display energy use in kWh and provide overvoltage surge protection against lightning strikes or switching transients.


Finder manufactures a range of components for the switching and control of lighting, heating and ancillary services in the residential and commercial market.  With a focus on energy saving and efficiency these products are aimed at minimising wasteful use of lighting during daylight hours, in areas of infrequent occupancy or periods of darkness when lighting is deemed unnecessary.  They include PIR movement detectors, light dependent relays, staircase timers, daily and weekly time switches, modular contactors, steep relays, dimmers an thermostats.

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