Fine Furniture Design

Fine Furniture Designs is a bespoke manufacturer of solid wood furniture. For over 16 years the company has provided products for both private and corporate commissions.
  • Bespoke Reception Areas
  • Boardroom Tables
  • Office Furniture
  • Desk Solutions
  • Shelving Units
  • Display Cabinets
Within the corporate sphere, Fine Furniture Designs work with architects to create bespoke reception areas, desks and boardroom tables.

Privately, interior designers and home owners use Fine Furniture Designs to create perfect solutions, including bed frames, coffee tables, shelving units and display cabinets

Fine Furniture Designs has worked with large corporations from the very beginning of the company. The company produces furniture for single projects but also high volume production runs for desk solutions.

Construction of reception areas and boardroom tables are one of Fine Furniture Designs specialist skills. Any size or design can be completed and constructed on site.

Fine Furniture Designs are also fully experienced in finishing and veneering furniture.

Some of the corporate clients Fine Furniture Designs has worked with are:

Luke Hughes:
Royal Bank of Scotland
Dickens & Dees
Oxford & Cambridge College

Lutyens Design Associates:
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