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Fire Risk Assessments Limited (FRA) provide high quality fire safety training at low cost via the internet. Our training programs are designed to ensure clients meet fire training requirements with minimal disruption to their working day.

This e-learning fire safety training course is aimed at all staff. This fire safety awareness online course enables individuals to improve their knowledge and understanding of fire safety. Fire safety is a vital part of any business. With our e-learning fire safety course you can ensure a safe environment for your staff and customers with minimal disruption to your business.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires all employers to:

  • Carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Provide appropriate training to their staff - this should be relevant to a person's job role. Everyone should have basic fire safety training so this course is ideal for that.
  • Provide training for fire marshals/fire wardens - FRA provide this training onsite due to this being unique to your site and fire procedures.


  • As this course is online it benefits from constant updates to ensure the content remains accurate to any changing legislation.
  • Our online package allows the training to be completed when time permits and removes the need to take people away from productive tasks.
  • Minimises the risk required by employers and employees in both prevention and knowing what to do in the event of a fire.

An average time to complete the course is approximately 30 minutes. After completing each section a few multiple choice questions need to be answered correctly before progress to the next section is possible.

The training includes a coupon system which allows staff that successfully complete the training to pass to the Responsible Person to keep track of who has completed the course.

The coupon is then scanned or posted to us when a Certificate will be issued and all employees training dates logged in order that we can advise when they are next due to be trained again.


Main Objectives including Preservation, prevention, protection and procedures:

  • Properties of Fire
  • Legal Requirements
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Means of Extinguishing Fire
  • Interactive Quiz


0-5 Licences £9.99 each

6-10 Licences £8.99 each

11-15 Licences £7.99 each

16-20 Licences £6.99 each

21-25 Licences £5.99 each

26+ Licences £4.99 each

Should you wish to book or find out more about the above course please call 0208 763 5610 to speak to one of our dedicated training advisors. Alternatively you can email us at

Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment will ensure that you meet your legal obligations imposed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

So what are the benefits of engaging Fire Risk Assessments Limited to undertake Your Fire Risk Assessment

  • All Fire Risk Assessments are carried out by an experienced competent assessor which includes a consultation with yourself in order that you understand the relevant fire safety regulations
  • Reports are provided either in booklet or electronic format for client reference
  • Saving of your valuable time and resources.......We will save you days and weeks of work and worry
  • Dispensing with the need for ......You will not need to attend training seminars to try to complete your own assessment or purchase books, guides or technical literature
  • Saving lives, minimising damage to property and meeting the requirements of the legislation


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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Training

We offer Fire Safety Training Courses for your staff and managers in all aspects of fire safety required by legislation, at your premises.

This courses are specifically designed to enable business owners and employers to comply with the statutory requirements of fire legislation.

The course provides delegates with an understanding of the components of a suitable and sufficient fire safety risk assessment within their workplace. Gives managers knowledge and understanding to assist them in dealing with the legal requirements placed on the 'Responsible Person' under fire law. Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

It also covers how fire safety legislation applies to you and your organisation and current best practice.   

Fire Risk Assessment has courses available in many areas such as, London, South East, South West, Wales, and Cambridgeshire

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Fire Safety Awareness Course - Duration 2 Hours

Fire Marshall Training - Duration 3 Hours

Fire Safety Training
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