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At Firebird IT, we provide IT support solutions regardless of your business size or IT challenges. Based in Coventry, West Midlands, we have tailored support programs to meet your individual needs and schedule.

We are educational specialists having worked with a number of schools with unique IT needs and challenges. Our work in the educational sector has garnered us note and recognition from the British Council. 

 Levels of IT support we provide include:

  • Silver - pay as you go support
  • Gold - rolling contract-based support
  • Platinum - complete IT support contract

Anti Virus and Spam Control

We can help to protect your systems from cyber attacks and hackers. Our agreement with Eset Partners allows access to promotional offers and premium rates. Regardless of computer make or age, anti-virus and spam control is something that all computers need.

Our products are used to prevent, detect and remove malware. Our Eset safeguards have minimal impact on the performance from your computer. At Firebird IT, we provide a host of anti-virus and spam control solutions for business or home users.  


Anti Virus and Spam Control

Network Design and Installation

With knowhow and experience, we can design network solutions for your business.  With additional cabling or enterprise Wi-Fi solutions, we take care of all facets of network design and installation

As part our network design and installation services, we can also provide you and your field employees programs allowing for remote access and cloud-hosted services.

Network Design and Installation

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