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FireBug Company, specialists in manufacturing water mist fire fighting equipment to the worldwide Fire & Rescue Services
FireBug Company Ltd, born in the UK in 2011 is the brainchild of South African fire specialist and entrepreneur Nicolas Link. It is and has always been Nick’s vision to create a company that provides the fire industry with high quality, efficient, cutting-edge technology and products. 


Pushing the boundaries of accepted practices and traditional products, FireBug, under Nick’s guidance, are committed to the research and development of unique technologies for the fire fighting industry. Through a dedicated development program the company specialises in harnessing the power and simplicity of the previously prohibited natural element ‘water’ in the extinguishing of all fires, including class B and class F fires.


Working in partnership with a number of British Fire Bridges and leading fire suppression experts, all products are tried and tested to the maximum, being designed, created and recreated until they are perfected. The products include vehicle fire fighting systems known as the RescueMax, fire fighting skids 'MistMax', portable fire suppression kits in a back pack form 'BacPac', fire fighting nozzles 'MistNozzle' and more.

The product range is cost effective, easy to use, safe for the fire fighter and focusses on water saving at the core of each design, due to the 100% environmentally friendly water mist technology used.


Along with new and unique fire systems FireBug also support their customers with a comprehensive range of traditional product and technologies.


The FireBug team are dedicated and focused, committed to making the FireBug experience positive and enjoyable.  The team works with an elite number of customers to distribute their technologies through the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Europe and The Africas’. 


"FireBug have a dedicated team whose focus is engineering high quality fire fighting products to suit our international customers' needs"

Pushing the boundaries of accepted practices and traditional products, FireBug is committed to the research and development of unique technologies for the fire fighting industry. We boast the largest EN3 approved range of fire extinguishers worldwide with over 35 models, unique WaterMist fire systems as well as bespoke product ranges developed for our industry specific customers. - See more at:


FireBug Fire Technology harnesses pulse-water engineering to create low-pressure, super fine mist to extinguish a fire and cool the substrate. We have 3 solutions: single fluid, rotor and twin fluid (Supersonic) options, which we tailor to our customers’ specific risks.


Our Cutting edge, intelligent technology ensures safety and speed while tackling a blaze with a consistent droplet size and kinetic energy, essential to effective control of the spectrum of fires.


Pioneering WaterMist fire fighting systems and technology, FireBug ensures we are ahead in our solutions. - See more at:


How does WaterMist work?
Fighting Fire with Water – How does WaterMist work in the suppression and extinguishing of fires?

By applying low pressure, fine water droplets, known as ‘WaterMist’ over, around and into the flame, our WaterMist technology suffocates the fire. As the mist converts to steam it removes the oxygen, simultaneously reducing the temperature at the source of the fire, therefore eliminating the production of flammable gases (free radicals). Having removed the oxygen and cooled the fire, the flames are extinguished.


The WaterMist technology generates a consistent droplet size of around 50 - 75 microns, which equates to an excess of 1,910,828,025 droplets from 1L of water giving a surface area of 60sqm. This provides a large surface area for the successful exchange of energy, approximately 2592 kJ/kg, whch is responsible for the rapid cooling of the fire.


FireBug WaterMist is cutting edge, intelligent technology allowing the WaterMist system to tackle a blaze with a consistent droplet size and kinetic energy, essential in effective control of class A, B, C, Electric and F fires.


The WaterMist used in our systems is pure demineralised water and naturally contamination free, making it ideal and safe for discharge in all locations, especially highly populated or sensitive areas. The engineering behind our WaterMist ensures that the damaging effects from smoke and flooding are all but eradicated.
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Benefits of WaterMist



100% environmentally friendly and responsible
Toxic-free agents for safe fire fighting
Designed for most fire risks, A, B, C, E and F
Quick and easy to refill and maintain
Little or no collateral damage after discharge
Lower life cycle costs
No thermal shock or electrical conductivity resulting from discharge
Totally safe to people and animals

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The RescueMax Product - An All-Terrain, All-Weather, All-Fire Class, First Response Compact Fire Vehicle. Harnessing leading technology in the fight against fires and excelling in situations where there is limited or no access, the RescueMax is a perfect, cost effective, first response fire vehicle, ideal for urban and rural locations. - See more at:


BacPac; A portable WaterMist fire suppression kit, designed for rapid response situations. - See more at:


WaterMist fire extinguishers - A completely safe, powerful and environmentally friendly portable, suitable for use on all classes of fire. - See more at:


Fire fighting with WaterMist from a beginners view
Unless you are a) a professional fire fighter b) certified fire safety person c) unfortunately had to face a real life fire scenario,  the chances are you wouldn't know how to fight a fire and would probably run for the nearest exit if faced with this situation. As a manufacturer of WaterMist fire fighting equipment we test our products on a daily basis and consider large fires  'normal'. However, when showing our fire videos to our diverse customer base we have encountered many comments of disbelief  on the ease of use, little training require, amount of water used, discharge time, speed of temperature cooling, safety on distance to fire etc. This has lead us to an exciting new project – finding a volunteer to learn from our in–house fire man Neal. This persons job role will include learning about fire fighting techniques,  fighting actual fires and showing how to use our range of products safely – Meet Kelly, our new fire fighting product tester! Here's her story:
"I started working at FireBug Company 10 months ago in the marketing department as the in-house graphic designer. Considering my profession and field of expertise, I have never been exposed to the fire industry before (and never actually even used a fire extinguisher before!). Over the last few months, through working closely with the products from a marketing point of view, I have become intrigued to learn more and experience/use the products myself. As a beginner not knowing anything about the fire industry and products on the market, the idea was born to test how easy and efficient the WaterMist range is for an unexperienced individual.
After been given a brief explanation of how to approach the fire and fire fighting technique by in-house fireman, Neal Brink, I was ready for the challenge. He suited me up and assisted me with getting the BacPac on. Initially I must say, it was rather heavy (weighing 22kg’s and bearing in mind my body weight of 51kg’s) once it was adjusted and strapped correctly the weight was evenly distributed and felt comfortable. I was ready!
The two tyres were lit (accelerant being petrol) and after a few minutes burn time, I began at a distance of roughly 2 metres creating what we call a mist “barrier/blanket” which reduces the heat, suppressing the flames allowing me to move close to extinguish. I didn’t know what to expect as all the footage I have seen has been very impressive extinguishing time (from professionals in the industry) and wasn’t sure if I would achieve the same results being so unexperienced. However, for my first time I was very pleased with the outcome and the product is in fact very easy to use with great results. I look forward to my next, more advanced challenge and testing the new up and coming FireBug WaterMist products."
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