First Access Ltd


First Access Limited was established in 2001. It is a highly ethical and reputable Company.

The team have over 40 Years’ experience between them and whilst we offer a wide selection of new Printers, Accessories and Spare Parts we pride ourselves on our abilities to regenerate pre-owned Printers re-selling them with excellent warranties in as good as new condition.

We also provide a range of Fusers, Maintenance Kits and Paper Jam (Feed Roller) Repair kits along with easy to use instructions so you can keep your printers running for longer.

We work hard to ensure that no printer is lost to scrap, where some may be too aesthetically damaged for refurbishment we will break it down and add all the parts to our extensive library of Printer Parts so that we can furnish our customer with everything they need to keep their printers in excellent working order.

All in all it provides us with great satisfaction that we are able to extend the life of our products in one guise or another especially in the throw away world of today.

First Access Ltd are a major player in the Refurbished Printer Market and a leading exporter to Europe and the Rest of the World, until recently it has mainly fulfilled the requirements of trade customers only, now having a healthy and broad customer base and a strong foundation it is looking to expand into other markets and with this in mind having taken time to ensure the quality of service offered is now ready to join the web markets.

Its founder Paul Heathcote having over 20 Years’ experience in the industry has developed a technically gifted support team of Sales and Engineering personnel.

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