First Source Technology Ltd


First Source Technology is a broad-line electronic component distributor, formed in 2000. Originally specialising in sourcing hard-to-find board-level components, we have broadened our scope to include character and graphic display solutions and a range of video processing and conversion products from leading manufacturer TV One.

Our goal is to work harder for customers in the electronics manufacturing industry and offer an intimate and reliable service. We aim to satisfy customer requirements when larger suppliers cannot.

There are three focuses for our business:

  • Component sourcing
  • Display solutions
  • Video processing

Component Sourcing

Our experience in the electronics industry totals over 40 years, and in that time we have developed a network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia. We pride ourselves on being able to source most items, whether they are obsolete, allocated, or simply hard to find. Additionally, because we source globally, we can often secure pricing agreements that are better than standard local pricing. Manufacturers for whom we can obtain particularly good pricing are:

  • STMicroelectronics
  • NXP
  • Micrel
  • Aromat / Panasonic
  • Sipex
  • Exar


We offer a comprehensive range of character and graphics LCDs in STN and FSTN technologies, including COB and COG variants, as well as CCFL and LED backlight options to suit customer requirements. We also offer TFT LCDs in all popular sizes with CCFL and LED backlight, and resistive and capacitive touchscreen options.

Significantly, we are able to offer a custom LCD service: for customers who have specific requirements for their applications – whether it is a small character COG LCD or a touchscreen graphics display module and motherboard – we can offer quality solutions, and a short lead-time for samples.


Character LCD displays

We offer a wide range of monochrome character LCD modules in a variety of dot formats and color/background combinations. Character displays are suitable for handheld meters, instrumentation and many other devices requiring a clear alpha-numeric display. We can offer high contrast versions, devices with wide operating temperature ranges or low operating current, temperature compensation, and much more.

Character LCD displays

Graphic LCD Displays

We are able to offer an extensive range of graphics LCD display modules in various sizes and with various backlight and LCD-type combinations. Graphics LCDs have many uses in instrumentation, industrial machinery, home appliances, consumer electronics and more, where a greater amount of information - including graphics - is required than is available with a character display.

Touch screens

To complement our range of display products we  offer a wide range of touch screens using a variety of technologies - capacitive, resistive, SAW and others - and in sizes ranging from 3-inch to 52-inch plus, depending on the technology. Please contact us for further information.

Touch screens

Video Processing

In addition, we have recently started to promote video processing products from TV One, a leading brand in the Pro AV, broadcast, systems integration, presentations and live events markets; products such as large venue presentation switchers, video switchers / scalers, down converters, format converters, scan converters, standards converters, routing switches, distribution amplifiers, and signal transmission systems.

Video Processing
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